Big Brands Innovating to Drive New Customer Experiences and Value

I’ve got a riddle for you: what do Williams Martini Racing, Nippon Paint, Microsoft and Stockland have in common? This diverse list of well-known brands across the globe are innovating when it comes to their customer experiences. They are driving new value through personalization, connecting communities, leveraging data and moving at speed. Avanade and Sitecore […]

IoT Will Give Williams Martini Racing Insight for Faster Pit Crew Times

When you’re using technology terms like ‘Digital Workplace’ and ‘Internet of Things’ around the clock in your day job, it’s easy to forget they can be quite abstract and hard to really grasp their added value. So, every now and then, I like to remind myself that there’s nothing like sharing a real-life client example […]

Devising a Roadmap to the Digital Workplace

There’s a big difference between understanding the need for change and being able to proactively drive it. Nowhere is that idea better showcased than in business IT. The C-Suite of most companies is aware of the opportunities out there in the market, such as the proliferation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), remote working, new […]

A Digital Workplace is Putting Williams in Pole Position

The following is a guest blog post by Graeme Hackland, IT Director, Williams Martini Racing. In 2015, Williams Martini Racing began its partnership with Avanade; a plan to digitise the entire organisation to help us optimise our enterprise platform, race by race. Looking back on 2015, I can already see how much has been achieved as […]

The Williams and Avanade Partnership: Digitally Transforming the Entire Business

The following is a guest blog post by Graeme Hackland IT Director at Williams Martini Racing. The digital transformation that’s underway at Williams isn’t something that’s being driven by IT. It’s a transformation of the business, focusing on Williams’ business goals and seeing how technology can help realise them. We’ve kept this in mind since […]

Williams Martini Racing and Avanade: Deciphering Data to Get Results

The following is a guest blog post by Jakob Andreasen, Chief Performance and Operations Engineer at Williams Martini Racing. While some people may know the importance of what happens under the body of an F1 car, less will be aware of how much a race lies in the hands of technology. The amount of data […]

Avanade and Williams Martini Racing’s Partnership off to a Flying Start

A good start plays a huge part in the outcome of every F1 race. In order to realise the full digital transformation of the team, it was vital that Avanade’s partnership with Williams Martini Racing got off the mark just as quickly. Since the partnership began, we’ve delivered over 10 projects – quite a feat […]

B2B2C: It’s All About the End Customer

Digital, mobile, social and cloud are radically changing the nature of customer interactions. B2B buyers now think and act more like B2C customers. And as channels evolve, B2B companies may have the opportunity to sell directly to end consumers and build relationships with them. In fact, many consumers would like to interact directly with those […]

Using Real-Time Data Analytics to Speed Innovation for Williams Martini Racing

The following is a guest post by Colin Burrell, Williams Client Executive at Avanade One of the exciting aspects of working with Williams Martini Racing is that we can literally see the results of our work circling around the track. At the same time, we can tap into data analytics in real-time to understand where […]

Work Redesigned at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

In a short few weeks, my colleagues and I will be attending the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in Orlando, Florida on May 18 – 20, 2015. Avanade is proud to be a silver sponsor of the conference and the team is really excited to participate in Gartner’s first event on this rapidly-growing topic and business […]