Process Automation: Not as much of a secret as I thought it was

Well, maybe process automation isn’t as secret as I thought! In a recent blog I discussed that Process Automation was the best kept secret in business transformation. On June 7, I had the opportunity to attend Blue Prism World in New York – and clearly a lot of businesses have Robotic Process Automation on their […]

DWEXP: Making your workplace shine brighter

We live in the age of the digital device, where we can manage our bank accounts, order a taxi, or even buy a new summer wardrobe almost instantly. The high standards of digital technologies in our personal lives are now working their way into the office – young recruits now expect to find similar levels […]

How to make an IT modernization business case

Big IT modernization projects require a big investment. To justify that big investment requires a business case that demonstrates a worthwhile return on that investment. Nothing new about that. What has changed is that IT no longer holds all the IT budget. It’s now increasingly also in the hands of the business leaders that run […]

Process Automation: The best kept secret in business transformation

Modern business leaders have several different challenges to juggle, including a global struggle to engage employees, increasing compliance requirements between different regulatory regimes, and currency fluctuations. All this is in addition to changing macroeconomic factors in the job market – including the creation, movement, and reallocation of jobs – for example, changes to the H-1B […]

Mixed Reality: It’s Not Virtual Reality, It’s Actual Reality

Whilst Facebook’s announcement to shutter its mixed reality content studio has many thinking it’s maybe too early for the technology, the reality is quite different within the enterprise and commercial space where it is gaining momentum and traction. Here in Australia, businesses are moving beyond Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality animated overlays, (typical in many […]

Achieving ROI from Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services

Automation is a hot topic among banks and financial institutions today. Faced with agile competitors snapping at their heels and a rising trajectory to their cost-to-income ratios, Financial Services institutions are looking at automation to improve their productivity and efficiency. These organizations are showing particular interest in robotic process automation (RPA) and rightly so, as […]

3 Big Benefits for Moving SAP to the Azure Cloud

In the past, if you’d have said you were taking SAP to the cloud, your colleagues would tell you that you need a vacation. Today though, it isn’t a matter of if you’re taking SAP to the cloud, it’s when – and more importantly – how you’re going to do it. As we just shared […]

Millennials are Driving New Digital Workplace Trends in Healthcare

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Sheetal Shah.  Millennials have a significant presence in the healthcare field and are harbingers of change in this industry. For this demographic, gone are the days of long hours, years spent building a practice, and long-term allegiance to employers, traits commonly attributed to Boomers and […]

Windows 10 Creators Update: The Top 4 Benefits for Businesses

If you are one of the businesses already reaping the rewards of Windows 10, then Microsoft’s recent Creators update will likely be no surprise to you. For those who aren’t, a brief recap, this is Microsoft’s third feature update in their new Windows-as-a-service model, Microsoft’s new method of improving Windows over time rather than with […]

Top Three Things to Know When Moving to Office 365

The following blog post was co-authored by Tom Hoglund, Executive, and Brad Gephart, Senior Director, of Platforms and Offerings. Microsoft’s ‘cloud first’ strategy has helped propel Office 365 (O365) into becoming Microsoft’s fastest growing commercial product to date. The latest research conducted by the Digital Workplace Group (DWG) found that almost half (48 percent) of […]