Celebrating Avanade Employees Awarded Distinguished Sitecore MVP Status

We’re beyond proud that several Avanade employees were recently awarded 2017 Sitecore MVP status, a distinction that recognizes their exceptional knowledge and expertise on digital marketing best practices. To honor their achievement, we’ve asked a handful of them to share their stories and perspectives on how they attained this milestone and why Sitecore is the […]

Your Companion on the Omni-Channel Journey

Consumer behaviour keeps changing and businesses must keep up. Online shopping, the revolution of the last two decades is now a thing of the past. A more realistic, holistic mixed-mode form of retail has matured over the years, and now deserves decent research into best practices and success factors  [CLICK TO TWEET]. This is exactly […]

Personalising Your Customer Experience to Remove Friction and Drive Advocacy

Modern businesses are operating in a commercial environment heavily based on choice and the easy comparison of goods and services. At the same time, brand loyalty is not what it was, and it can only take one negative experience of a business for a customer to go elsewhere. Mandating an Omni-channel Customer Experience Because of […]

3 Best Practices for Creating Flawless Customer Experiences

Recent Avanade research with Sitecore on the business value of customer experience shows that for every US$1 spent on developing a CX strategy, organizations are seeing a $3 return and a boost in revenue by 19%. We did not, however, dive into the details of how to achieve this type of ROI. Over the last […]

5 Retail Trends that Will Enable Seamless Retail

It’s no surprise that the retail industry is currently undergoing major changes. Customers are increasingly digital in their buying behavior, which means that retailers need to find a proper balance and harmony between digital and physical business operations. So what are the major retail trends occurring in the market and how can retailers quickly and […]

3 Pitfalls to Avoid for a Successful E-commerce Project

In my work as a digital consultant, clients often ask me how they can increase sales through online channels and my answer is always the same and always twofold. First, one must recognize that it is not easy to succeed with an e-commerce solution – it is a difficult task. Second, it requires close cooperation […]

Why You Need to Think of Your Digital Retail Strategy as an Iceberg

Everyday I hear from my retail customers in a panic. “We need to be omni-channel!” they shriek, terrified of what the future will bring if they don’t cash in on the latest digital retail craze and bring their sales to devices of all sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, these companies are looking at it the wrong […]

Why a True Omni-Channel Experience Can Be So Elusive

Customer data is hardly in short supply, and the marketing landscape is awash with technologies that help companies analyze the disparate data sets from various channels. The challenge facing most brands, however, is not whether or not they have enough data – it’s the task of integrating those data silos in order to create a […]

2014 in Review: Transforming the Customer Experience

Undoubtedly, 2014 was a year marked by the transformative power of technology on businesses and how work gets done. Many organizations benefited from upgraded infrastructures, enhanced IT operations and increased productivity. But customers proved to be the real winners as their experiences were transformed and brand loyalty increased for many companies across a wide range […]

Do Your Services Earn Customer Loyalty?

The following is a guest post by Omer Minkara, Research Director leading the Contact Center & Customer Experience Management research within the Aberdeen Group. Customer service is one of the most critical, yet often overlooked, activities in business. ‘Yesterday you were a prospect, today you’re just a customer.’ Sound familiar? The good news for customer-centric organizations […]