From 2D Computers to a 3D World with Virtual Reality

One of the great moments in the history of computing was the incorporation of graphical interfaces as a mode of interaction with users. This took some time and was the sum of several scenarios, which made this milestone an important one. Computers were beginning to become more popular and cheaper allowing Bill Gates’s idea of […]

Getting Rid of Windows Server 2003… But How Do You Eat an Elephant?

On our first blog we identified Windows Server 2003 as the elephant in the room, and compared a Windows Server 2003 migration project to re-wiring the home. We also put forward the case for driving to real business value from migration projects. So, as the old saying goes (and from a purely hypothetical perspective!) just how […]

Architectural Frameworks and Reusable Code

A few weeks ago at Microsoft Build Developer Conference there were a lot of announcements that got people cheering and clapping but one stood out over all the others and it had nothing to do with holographic robots. We have a long history of reuse within Avanade.  In the early days of .NET we created […]