From 2D Computers to a 3D World with Virtual Reality

One of the great moments in the history of computing was the incorporation of graphical interfaces as a mode of interaction with users. This took some time and was the sum of several scenarios, which made this milestone an important one. Computers were beginning to become more popular and cheaper allowing Bill Gates’s idea of […]

Avanade’s Global Innovation Network Expands to New York

“Seeing is believing.”  It’s a time-tested saying that means more than ever in today’s digital world.  One only needs to visit Kickstarter or Indigogo to see the impact that visuals have on the ability to inspire confidence that something is real, that the Art of the Possible is achievable. At Avanade, the outcome of us […]

Avanade Innovation Days: Bringing Innovation to Life

We live in fun times right now with technology innovation all around us.  Whether it’s your Internet-enabled security camera, smart thermostat, DVR, smart irrigation system, parking assist systems, the ability to find a ride to your destination in real-time using your smartphone, or some other kind of innovation, practical use of technology that can provide […]