From 2D Computers to a 3D World with Virtual Reality

One of the great moments in the history of computing was the incorporation of graphical interfaces as a mode of interaction with users. This took some time and was the sum of several scenarios, which made this milestone an important one. Computers were beginning to become more popular and cheaper allowing Bill Gates’s idea of […]

Smart Tech: Will it Displace or Replace Us?

What impact will smart tech have on the workplace? Picture the scene. It’s 2030. You are ferried to work in your driverless car. At the office, your AI personal assistant schedules all your meetings for the week in seconds. Your email app has machine-learned your tone of voice and writes your emails for you. Your […]

Four Consumer Tech Trends that Office Workers Want Now

The world of technology moves rapidly, and it’s amazing to consider just how much our personal lives have been transformed by pioneering tech brands in the past five years. But has this technological revolution touched our professional lives in the same way? Perhaps not. Many would argue that we’re working the same way we were […]

Digital Culture is Powering Today’s Workplace

It can be easy for businesses to fall into the trap of focusing on only one area to overcome a specific issue. This is particularly true when technology is involved; too often the problem is pushed over to IT to deal with, when that’s only half the solution. An Australian bank we worked with previously […]

Long-Term Success and Higher ROI with Cloud

Unlike a lot of new, much-hyped technology, the forecast for cloud is that it’s here to stay. Cloud is ideal for organizations wanting to stay ahead by innovating and decreasing time to market, while getting a solid return on investment (ROI). So what should IT decision-makers actually do with cloud? The most successful moves to […]

Four Factors Driving Digital Workplace Acceleration

There are exciting times ahead for organizations looking to digitize their way of working. Avanade’s Digital Workplace offering provides the opportunity for businesses wanting to drive productivity and increase employee effectiveness and engagement. Here are four things I think will be driving the digital workplace: The Launch of Windows 10 The awareness of the digital […]