Retail Jobs: Lost and Found

The numbers were startling, if coincidental. The U.S. Labor Department March 2017 Jobs Report stated that just over 30,000 jobs had been lost in the retail sector in that month. The day before the Labor Department figures were released, Amazon announced that it was planning to hire 30,000 more people! Net-net? Not quite. At least […]

What to Consider When Switching Your CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365

A lot of clients think that switching their CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be daunting, confusing and filled with uncertainty. But I’ve now helped several enterprises attain a smooth transition with the necessary expertise and tools, and wanted to share some of my learnings  [CLICK TO TWEET]. Why Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365? It’s […]

Why Health Care Needs a Chief of Work

This blog was co-authored by Michelle Caldwell, Director of Enterprise Technology Architecture. Workplace experts and industry analysts are increasingly predicting that we might soon see a new addition to the C-suite: the Chief of Work (or COW – not to be confused with the provider acronym, Computers on Wheels). This role, which would be a […]

4 Benefits from Investing in a Digital Workplace

A few facts on our changing world: digital natives will have 20 different jobs in five different careers in their lifetime. Technology has made us five times more productive since 1972. 50% of the workforce will be Millennials by 2020 and could be working with their grandfathers. By 2025, 45% of workers will be contractors. […]

Digital Workplace Analytics: Are You Measuring Your Success?

Many companies are moving to Office 365 to help transform their employee experience – making it easier than ever for employees to access the information they need, when they need it and also collaborate with people inside and outside their organizations. However, most companies deploy Office 365 without a clear objective of the value they […]

Devising a Roadmap to the Digital Workplace

There’s a big difference between understanding the need for change and being able to proactively drive it. Nowhere is that idea better showcased than in business IT. The C-Suite of most companies is aware of the opportunities out there in the market, such as the proliferation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), remote working, new […]

Why Cultural Change is Key for Digital Transformation

An organisation is nothing without its people. Never is this clearer than in the face of digital change. From the outset, it’s easy to assume digital transformation is all about technology. Which tools, systems and platforms are set to dramatically transform the office? From talk of virtual and augmented reality revolutionising workplaces, and robotics automating […]

Today’s Employees Expect Their Employers to Be Digital…Are You?

A recent Avanade smart-tech survey shows that 91% of businesses believe that their organization’s workforce will “need to change substantially as smart technologies become more widely used.” In utilities, we all hear about a retiring workforce (up to 50% in the next 5 years in certain areas), shrinking tribal knowledge and antiquated systems that, in […]

HR and Comms Are Driving Adoption in the Digital Workplace

Technology continues to evolve the new digital employee experience, and it’s no longer just the job of the CEO or CIO to make decisions on how that fits into the workplace. It’s now up to HR and Corporate Communications teams to ensure that employees are using the digital tools on offer, realising results from them […]

Global Innovation Contest: Innovate with Passion and Purpose

Innovation is definitely a buzzword, but inherent in its definition is that you take risks.  A few years ago in our annual global employee engagement survey, we saw a disturbing trend. The answers to questions that were designed to measure how our employees viewed innovation and risk within the organization dropped and had been trending […]