Three reasons Microsoft 365 is a great thing for enterprises

At Microsoft Inspire earlier this week, Microsoft 365 was announced by Satya Nadella. Microsoft 365 brings together three essential ingredients for a modern workplace – Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). The keen-eyed reader will note that this combination of products has been available from Microsoft for a while now, under […]

Process Automation: Not as much of a secret as I thought it was

Well, maybe process automation isn’t as secret as I thought! In a recent blog I discussed that Process Automation was the best kept secret in business transformation. On June 7, I had the opportunity to attend Blue Prism World in New York – and clearly a lot of businesses have Robotic Process Automation on their […]

DWEXP: Making your workplace shine brighter

We live in the age of the digital device, where we can manage our bank accounts, order a taxi, or even buy a new summer wardrobe almost instantly. The high standards of digital technologies in our personal lives are now working their way into the office – young recruits now expect to find similar levels […]

Bots taking digital sales and service by storm

“Bots are the new apps,” Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Office of Microsoft, declared in his keynote speech at Microsoft’s Build conference last year. From chat bots answering frequently asked customer questions, to Siri and Cortana, who seem to have an answer to everything, bots are becoming ever more important as organizations look to offer new […]

How Data-Driven Sales Teams will Continue to Win

Last year, CSO Insights reported that salespeople spend only a third of their time (35.9%) selling. Searching for or creating content along with admin and reporting take up the remainder of their time. As a salesperson, it’s frustrating when these time-consuming (and often laborious) tasks take away from time we could be spending talking to […]

How LinkedIn Makes Sellers More Effective in Today’s Digital World

While LinkedIn surpassed the 500 million member milestone last month, the company continues to serve business professionals in numerous ways. As part of the Microsoft family, LinkedIn is now being integrated into Dynamics 365 in order to help salespeople deliver better outcomes using insights from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. To get more insight into this trend, […]

Millennials are Driving New Digital Workplace Trends in Healthcare

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Sheetal Shah.  Millennials have a significant presence in the healthcare field and are harbingers of change in this industry. For this demographic, gone are the days of long hours, years spent building a practice, and long-term allegiance to employers, traits commonly attributed to Boomers and […]

Mapping Digital Workplace Insights to Business Value Context

Most enterprise organizations are traveling along the journey to digital today.  There is no definitive measuring stick for how digital they have become but that does not stop them from continuing to invest and trying to find that edge to define new opportunities. Investments take many different shapes ranging from IT modernization, mobile investments, the […]

What to Consider When Switching Your CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365

A lot of clients think that switching their CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be daunting, confusing and filled with uncertainty. But I’ve now helped several enterprises attain a smooth transition with the necessary expertise and tools, and wanted to share some of my learnings  [CLICK TO TWEET]. Why Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365? It’s […]

Reimagine the Way Work Gets Done

Michelle Caldwell presented at Nintex InspireX 2017. This article originally published on Nintex Blog. Wouldn’t it be great if your office worked with you, instead of against you? What if your workplace actually knew who you are, and where you are, and what you’re doing? What if it were smart enough to serve up the […]