6 Things to Consider When Addressing Corporate Digital Ethics

Digital ethics is all across the mainstream press.  Avanade has been part of the discussion, with both Sarah Adam-Adam Gedge and Adam Warby have spoken to the press on this locally. With companies accelerating into an AI-first world, the need for all players – companies, governments, individuals – to consider the consequences of that shift, is […]

Technology Vision 2017: Every Business Will Be an AI-First Business

We’ve been talking about cloud-first and mobile-first for a while now. Here’s another “first” businesses need to start paying attention to: AI-first. We believe all businesses are only a few years away from a new era – one where we will need to focus first on artificial intelligence. Avanade’s Technology Vision 2017 explores AI and […]

3 Control Elements That Make Up Modern Data Security Protection

In the midst of designing programs that implement modern data security protection, security and IT leaders are continuously searching for the controls that will make the biggest impact in reducing breach. It could be said that many of the recently published breaches were of companies and programs that had a fairly good handle on the […]

How to Create a Foundation for Digital Innovation: People & Policy

In this two part blog series, Julian Tomison, General Manager of Avanade UK, discusses some of the key questions and challenges around how to encourage and enable digital Innovation in the enterprise: People, Policy, Process and Imagination.   In my own experience, of helping our clients bring the power of digital innovation to their businesses, to […]

Microsoft + LinkedIn: With Great Innovation Comes Great Responsibility

Digital innovation – like the Microsoft LinkedIn acquisition – requires a thoughtful approach to questions of digital ethics. Microsoft’s announcement of its intent to acquire LinkedIn was certainly an exciting way to start the week. It’s an interesting combination – the world’s largest business social network coming together with the world’s largest business technology provider. […]

Let’s Be Smart about Smart Technologies

I recently mentioned to my 12-year-old daughter that artificial intelligence will be able to outsmart us by 2045. She got very upset, feeling that this would be the end of the human race and saying, “Then we can kill ourselves, otherwise we will be killed by them.” My daughter’s reaction was childish (which one would […]

Are You Easy or Sleazy in the Digital World of Business?

During a recent conversation with colleagues, the topic of digital ethics came up. One person noted that getting ethics right in the digital era can mean the difference between being viewed as “easy or sleazy” to do business with. In other words, are you using customer information in a way that helps better meet customer […]

Technology Vision 2016: The Value of Unlearning and Relearning

In last year’s Avanade Technology Vision, we presented a world where business leaders had to unlearn the habits of the past to move forward. For Avanade’s Technology Vision 2016, we feel it’s time for businesses to take the next step – to relearn much of what they know in order to succeed in the long […]

A New Frontier in Smart Technologies: Digital Ethics

Every company today is a digital business operating in a digital economy – and competition for customers as well as workforce talent has never been greater. In order to engage today’s digital customer and compete effectively in a global market, companies are increasingly relying on smart technologies that perform tasks traditionally done by humans – […]