Big Brands Innovating to Drive New Customer Experiences and Value

I’ve got a riddle for you: what do Williams Martini Racing, Nippon Paint, Microsoft and Stockland have in common? This diverse list of well-known brands across the globe are innovating when it comes to their customer experiences. They are driving new value through personalization, connecting communities, leveraging data and moving at speed. Avanade and Sitecore […]

Great Employee Experiences = Great Customer Experiences

The sales cycle hasn’t changed since the days of the cavemen. It’s always been about the transaction between buyer and seller, whether that’s a spear in return for meat, or dollars for a car. What has changed are the expectations of the consumer, and consequently the expectations of the employee. What Needs to Change? Not […]

Perfecting Customer Experiences with Frictionless Personalization

In my first blog post discussing using personalisation to deliver a seamless customer experience, we delved into context marketing strategy. This follow-up post considers how the people prerogative and frictionless personalisation impact user experience. The People Prerogative While all big brands will have people on hand who are familiar with customer experience management, there is […]

The Value of Customer Experience in Retail

No one invests more in customer experience than retailers. They are at the front of the experience economy improving store layouts, creating unified commerce experiences, and investing in employee training to provide the emotionally satisfying experiences that create loyal, engaged customers. Investing in experience is a tricky thing though – individual retailers often spend money […]

How to Create a Foundation for Digital Innovation: People & Policy

In this two part blog series, Julian Tomison, General Manager of Avanade UK, discusses some of the key questions and challenges around how to encourage and enable digital Innovation in the enterprise: People, Policy, Process and Imagination.   In my own experience, of helping our clients bring the power of digital innovation to their businesses, to […]

3 Best Practices for Creating Flawless Customer Experiences

Recent Avanade research with Sitecore on the business value of customer experience shows that for every US$1 spent on developing a CX strategy, organizations are seeing a $3 return and a boost in revenue by 19%. We did not, however, dive into the details of how to achieve this type of ROI. Over the last […]

Sitecore & Microsoft Enable Deeper Customer Experiences on Azure

Delivering extraordinary customer experiences is a critical component of capturing and recapturing customer loyalty and dollars.  In a recent study, Avanade and Sitecore found that for every $1 invested in CX, organizations can expect $3 in return. Organizations looking to drive greater profits and faster return cycles will applaud the recent announcements from Sitecore and […]

Listening, Leading & Experimenting = Great Customer Experiences

Last week, we partnered with Ray Wang of Constellation Research for a TweetChat on delivering better digital customer experiences. Given the importance of this topic for today’s enterprises, the dialogue was energetic and engaging, with experts across many industries weighing in with their perspectives on digital business transformation and its impact on the customer experience. The conversation also included several […]

Exploring the Promise of Agile Marketing

Today marketers need to be able to move as fast as the digital world requires. Yet some of our approaches and processes are old school and slow. It’s time for marketing to take a lesson from the delivery side of the business and shift to a more agile approach. Think, for example, of the time […]