Are Business Processes and Apps Really Linked in Your ERP System?

The ERP holy grail of seamless, integrated business functions achieving their full potential has been elusive, for sure. According to a Gartner report, a whopping 75% of ERP implementations fail to achieve their objectives, due in large part to how they start off and the outcomes stakeholders think they will achieve. While I think those […]

3 Steps to Adopting ERP for the New Digital Workplace

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) tends to have a bad reputation. Its implementation is renowned for requiring big capital investments and lengthy, multi-year schedules. And once installed, not all businesses immediately see the value  [CLICK TO TWEET]. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Which is why we’re declaring the old view of ERP as […]

The 6 Business Principles for Success in IT

This guest blog post was authored by Tony Irving, COO, CloudTalent, an Avanade company.   I’ve been working in IT for over 30 years. I’ve helped organisations of all sizes solve all sorts of IT issues. I’ve learnt a lot of things along the way – what works, what to avoid and what you really […]