The Importance of Integrated ERP Systems for Professional Services

Firms specialising in professional services always rely on a number of systems. A system for customer relationships. A system for HR. A system for sales. The list goes on. Naturally, managing all these disparate databases can be difficult. But it shouldn’t have to be this way. Different data systems may fall under different arms of […]

The Path to Cloud Application Modernization

Last time out we covered some of the issues with getting your application migration strategy wrong and how Avanade’s approach to the cloud journey, plus our toolsets, enable our clients to get the best value from their cloud transformation by focusing first on an application modernization strategy. However you do it though, companies need to […]

Unlocking the True Business Value of IoT with Cloud

Data gathered by the Internet of Things (IoT) is pointless without a connected ecosystem. Device data is not enough on its own; it needs to make sense in the context of the workplace in order to be tangible. To realize true business value, you need to connect all the right pieces: technologies, data, processes, insight […]