Achieving ROI from Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services

Automation is a hot topic among banks and financial institutions today. Faced with agile competitors snapping at their heels and a rising trajectory to their cost-to-income ratios, Financial Services institutions are looking at automation to improve their productivity and efficiency. These organizations are showing particular interest in robotic process automation (RPA) and rightly so, as […]

The Rise of the Machines

For years, we have been fed an almost constant diet of sci-fi prediction about the consequences of artificial intelligence and our deepening lack of self-reliance. Be it at the hands of vengeful robots, octopedal searcher drones or an omnipresent networked villainous super-brain; we are just fleshy victims waiting to be usurped. Well, the age of […]

Amazing Customer Experience Really Can Contribute to the Greater Good

We talk a lot about enriching customer experiences and creating consistency across channels to unify interactions with our clients’ brands.  But at the end of the day it’s when we enrich customer LIVES that the magic happens! For example, Avanade recently worked with the Australia Department of Industry, Innovation and Science that supports small and […]

Online Conversion Performance: Traditional Banks vs. Fintech Startups

I’ve had an interesting time lately as I talk to clients, partners and colleagues across a massive territory stretching all the way from Brazil to Japan. Some of it is lost in translation literally, but more and more, I am able to piece together what is being said and what is unsaid. One of the […]

Customer Analytics & Insights: An Imperative for the Banking Industry

As the world evolves more toward C2B (consumer to business) relationships, the major C2B players— including Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (GAFA)—have been increasingly encroaching on the territory of traditional banks. In order for these players to become more relevant in consumers’ lives, they have been naturally expanding the full range of their offerings to […]

Liquid Customer Engagement in Banking

In a recent point of view on the banking industry, Accenture recommends that banks take a “GAFA” approach to digital banking transformation to help improve customer engagement and increase revenues. GAFA refers to the customer experience standards being set by Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – standards that deliver consistent and compelling experiences for customers. […]

Digital Transformation in Banking is a Necessity, Not an Option

The Financial services industry has been flooded with innovation, most of it coming from fintechs (startups with the objective of delivering financial services digitally). Digitally driven changes are causing a great impact on the way people interact with these startups as well as with traditional financial institutions.  Moreover, digital alternatives are opening the eyes and […]

New Banking Analytics Solution Launched at Convergence EMEA 2015

More than ever, banking and financial services customers are willing to look at alternatives to traditional providers. Accenture research predicts that by 2020, more than 30% of banking revenues could be at risk thanks to new competitors and new trends. As such, financial services providers must look for new ways to retain customers and win […]

Avanade’s Global Innovation Network Expands to New York

“Seeing is believing.”  It’s a time-tested saying that means more than ever in today’s digital world.  One only needs to visit Kickstarter or Indigogo to see the impact that visuals have on the ability to inspire confidence that something is real, that the Art of the Possible is achievable. At Avanade, the outcome of us […]