Today’s Workforce: Augment or Bust!

As you may have seen in Avanade’s TechVision 2017, we believe that the era of the augmented worker is upon us. In the following few paragraphs I’ll talk about why I think this is needed, how I see this impacting business and how you can get started in your own organization. Because even though we […]

Technology Vision 2017: Every Business Will Be an AI-First Business

We’ve been talking about cloud-first and mobile-first for a while now. Here’s another “first” businesses need to start paying attention to: AI-first. We believe all businesses are only a few years away from a new era – one where we will need to focus first on artificial intelligence. Avanade’s Technology Vision 2017 explores AI and […]

Data Currency: Are We Leaving Money on the Table?

When 22-year-old Paul Simon penned the legendary lines “people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening,” computing and data processing was in its infancy. The times they-have-a-changed! Today we’re in the midst of arguably the most significant wave of digital transformation, yet we’re missing what lies beneath the surface when it comes to data. An […]