Identity Management: Why Wait a Week for Access to Biz Apps?

As a Security Consultant, I have spent the last 5 years of my career working to improve the security of Avanade’s clients using Microsoft security technology. One area of security I specialise in is corporate identity management, using these skills I have helped clients improve their joiner, mover, and leaver changes through automation and process […]

Are Business Processes and Apps Really Linked in Your ERP System?

The ERP holy grail of seamless, integrated business functions achieving their full potential has been elusive, for sure. According to a Gartner report, a whopping 75% of ERP implementations fail to achieve their objectives, due in large part to how they start off and the outcomes stakeholders think they will achieve. While I think those […]

The Path to Cloud Application Modernization

Last time out we covered some of the issues with getting your application migration strategy wrong and how Avanade’s approach to the cloud journey, plus our toolsets, enable our clients to get the best value from their cloud transformation by focusing first on an application modernization strategy. However you do it though, companies need to […]

Cloud – It’s All About The Apps

A few years ago, a company decided that they wanted to move nearly 3,000 applications into the cloud. It was a complex project with a tight deadline. And unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well. The project ran about 25% over budget, requiring the company to overspend by $46 million and have to revisit the application […]

Why You Need to Think of Your Digital Retail Strategy as an Iceberg

Everyday I hear from my retail customers in a panic. “We need to be omni-channel!” they shriek, terrified of what the future will bring if they don’t cash in on the latest digital retail craze and bring their sales to devices of all sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, these companies are looking at it the wrong […]

The Importance of Technology in Economic and Social Development

Technological innovation and information communication technologies represent a way for developing third-world nations to foster economic development, improve levels of education and training and address gender issues within society. Technology can also be used to combat violence against women and young people. Bullying and stalking is one of Italy’s largest social issues. Last year, the […]

ITaaS: A New Way to Get the Most from the Cloud

The chances are that building and maintaining IT is not your company’s core business. So, before you think about building and maintaining more of your IT on your own, think about the companies for which the cloud is their business. The number of companies providing cloud infrastructure, platforms, software and more, continues to grow – […]

Windows 10 Brings All Platforms Together

This article was originally published on LinkedIn. As the first, Microsoft brings all possible platforms together with their newest version of Windows. This development started already in Windows 8.1, where Microsoft introduced Universal Windows 8 apps on BUILD2014. With the Universal Windows apps developers can target both Windows Store and Windows Phone with a shared code […]

Skype for Business Apps with Azure Integration

If you are not familiar with Microsoft Azure or maybe still have no idea what “the cloud” means, hopefully this post will shed some light as well as introduce new capabilities enabled by the Skype for Business platform to host and integrate Microsoft UC applications in the cloud. For the past decade, my colleagues and I have been […]

It’s Time to Take a People-Centric IT Approach

Earlier this year, we shared Avanade’s strategic vision on a much-needed new approach for IT in today’s digital world: IT Without Boundaries. Why is a new approach needed? Avanade’s global research reveals real tension between IT and the broader business as budgets and control move outside the traditional IT department. But there is good news […]