Why a New Economics of IT Demands Innovation and Efficiency

Working on your core at the gym is great — but if it’s all you do, you’re limiting what could be. You need the cardio, the weights, and the full-body routines to really unlock your true potential.  It’s the same idea for companies going digital. As we’ve seen in the New Economics of IT blog […]

Your Journey Towards Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Big data, advanced analytics, machine learning, stream analytics… these are buzzwords that organizations believe will completely transform the way they do business. And they are right! The business value is somewhere locked behind the large volumes of structured and unstructured data coming from inside and outside the company. To unlock it, these organizations must be […]

4 Questions that CIOs Need to Ask about IT Modernisation

Today, with advances in cloud computing and the expectation that IT innovates to deliver corporate strategy, modernising is essential for all businesses. However, actually getting a programme started remains a challenge for everybody. Because of this, more CIOs are adopting a bi-modal approach to IT modernisation, which will ensure that they are able to keep […]

Agile for Marketing – A No Brainer

Today started like any other day as a marketer. I had a very clear understanding of what my day should look like and what I wanted to accomplish, yet within 30 minutes, that had changed. Unfortunately, that’s not unusual. Lots of requests are thrown at marketing professionals from different directions; long cycle times inhibit our […]

Online Conversion Performance: Traditional Banks vs. Fintech Startups

I’ve had an interesting time lately as I talk to clients, partners and colleagues across a massive territory stretching all the way from Brazil to Japan. Some of it is lost in translation literally, but more and more, I am able to piece together what is being said and what is unsaid. One of the […]

Into the Unknown: Why Agile is Needed for a Modern Digital Business

In this series on the New Economics of IT, we’ve shown that leaders are under tremendous pressure to bring the business into new and innovative territory (exploratory), while at the same time reaching new levels of efficiency and cost savings (predictable IT). And while these goals are certainly tangible to most business leaders – say, […]

How to Create a Foundation for Digital Innovation: People & Policy

In this two part blog series, Julian Tomison, General Manager of Avanade UK, discusses some of the key questions and challenges around how to encourage and enable digital Innovation in the enterprise: People, Policy, Process and Imagination.   In my own experience, of helping our clients bring the power of digital innovation to their businesses, to […]

The Seamless Shopping Experience: Customer First, Retailer Second

Forget what you know. The relationship between customer and retailer has intrinsically changed. The power is truly now in the customer’s hand. Before mobile web browsing, smartphone apps, and social media allowed customers to make purchases anytime, anywhere, the mentality was always retailer first, customer second. But now, to remain competitive, retailers must provide a […]

3 Pitfalls to Avoid for a Successful E-commerce Project

In my work as a digital consultant, clients often ask me how they can increase sales through online channels and my answer is always the same and always twofold. First, one must recognize that it is not easy to succeed with an e-commerce solution – it is a difficult task. Second, it requires close cooperation […]

Why You Need to Think of Your Digital Retail Strategy as an Iceberg

Everyday I hear from my retail customers in a panic. “We need to be omni-channel!” they shriek, terrified of what the future will bring if they don’t cash in on the latest digital retail craze and bring their sales to devices of all sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, these companies are looking at it the wrong […]