3 Big Benefits for Moving SAP to the Azure Cloud

In the past, if you’d have said you were taking SAP to the cloud, your colleagues would tell you that you need a vacation. Today though, it isn’t a matter of if you’re taking SAP to the cloud, it’s when – and more importantly – how you’re going to do it. As we just shared […]

Fortune Favours the ‘Bold’ With Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a distant dream – it is under way, with more organisations than you might think already reaping the benefits of replacing ageing legacy infrastructure with the latest cloud-based and digital technology. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of our Avanade clients over the past six months. Each organisation […]

Why a New Economics of IT Demands Innovation and Efficiency

Working on your core at the gym is great — but if it’s all you do, you’re limiting what could be. You need the cardio, the weights, and the full-body routines to really unlock your true potential.  It’s the same idea for companies going digital. As we’ve seen in the New Economics of IT blog […]

NRF 2017: Applying Innovation and Virtual Reality to Retail

With the holiday season over the retail world now enters its prediction season; everywhere you turn you can see lists of the top retail trends of 2017. While some of those predictions are less likely to happen than my resolution to give up wine for the month of January others are already happening. Rather than […]

Sold-out Microsoft Ignite Conference 2016 Proves IT is Alive and Well

During the last week of September, the 26th-30th to be exact, over 22,000 of my closest friends in IT will descend upon Atlanta, Georgia for Microsoft’s IT focused conference appropriately named “Ignite.” Last year’s inaugural conference in Chicago was a huge success and this year’s Atlanta incarnation looks to be even bigger and better. A […]

Liquid Customer Engagement in Banking

In a recent point of view on the banking industry, Accenture recommends that banks take a “GAFA” approach to digital banking transformation to help improve customer engagement and increase revenues. GAFA refers to the customer experience standards being set by Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – standards that deliver consistent and compelling experiences for customers. […]

4 Essential Ingredients for Digital Employee Experience Success

The following is a guest blog post by Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of the Digital Workplace Group. A digital employee experience involves focusing on what every employee experiences on a day to day basis – the digital services they use, the flow between different devices, the need for log-ins, etc. We are all used […]

The Time is Now for In-store Retailers to Get Digital

Online retailers have developed a huge advantage over the traditional brick and mortars. Thanks to giants such as Amazon, online sellers can deliver a speedy, easy and convenient experience, tailored specifically to customers, and optimized at every step thanks to the data and analytics. This all adds up to a powerful incentive to take wallets […]

Analytics in Health Care: The Hidden Benefits

This article first published on Health Data Management. It is an extraordinary time in the health care industry. Rapid advances in medical technology, the push for more personalized health care, a demand for real-time access to information and the ever-increasing cost are all happening at once. So many challenges, with many of them unique to […]