Consumerization of IT: Getting Beyond the Myths

We’ve been talking a lot about the consumerization of IT here at Avanade, including the results of our latest global survey that tackles company perspectives on the trend. Our CTO, Tyson Hartman, highlights some of the myths that our survey dispelled in Forbes this week. Here’s a quick excerpt of the story: “The tale we […]

Agility to Drive Costs Down?

I recently discussed the role of innovation in helping to differentiate and spur growth. And in my mind, an area of innovation that truly has game-changing impact is agility. Like the word “innovation,” agility is too often used as a buzzword, so what is agility and why is it important? The Oxford English Dictionary defines […]

Keeping Pace with Information Technology Trends by Leveraging Social Networking

Pre-Internet Era The Information Technology (IT) landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Before the Internet and social networking, I relied  heavily on computer publications like InfoWorld,  Computerworld,  Digital Review, Network World, PC Week, PC Magazine,  PC World and the ever voluminous  (400-600 pages) in-depth Byte magazine for information on the latest computer  technologies. During the […]

Kinect for Windows Is Ready

Microsoft Kinect is a full-fledged phenomenon now. Not only was it the fastest selling new consumer gadget in history, but it’s now officially moved beyond gaming with the Kinect for Windows hardware and SDK. As of February 1st, the Kinect for Windows commercial license allows anyone to create new, innovative interfaces utilizing Kinect’s depth camera […]

Dispelling Common Myths of Consumerization of IT

Today, I’m excited to announce Avanade’s latest global research findings addressing the impact of consumerization of IT. As we’ve heard from executives and IT departments of our customers, and as noted in the press,  we found that there is a rapid shift in the way employees are using personal technology in the workplace. In fact, globally, […]

Competitive Advantage through Consumerization

The consumerization of IT market trend is considered by many to be a ‘nice to have’.  The topic is frequently framed around employee freedom and democratization which yield soft benefits like employee satisfaction and retention.  My take is that these are secondary benefits. Business users who have the flexibility to consume enterprise applications in a […]

IT Hero or Goat?

We all would prefer to be the hero of our organization. Successfully executing an IT program can make you a superstar. But, if you don’t get it right, you could easily put your organization in financial dire straits. Successful programs can result in improved efficiencies and reduced overall costs, leading to combinations of increased top […]

Enterprise App Stores: Not Quite a Click and a Swipe

Lots of interest and chatter about app stores in the enterprise.  While the popular consumer-facing app stores are single platform, the consumerization trend requires that enterprise app stores deliver more.  It’s not quite as simple as a click and credit card swipe for most of the clients I’ve worked with but the benefits of self-service and […]

A Perspective on Desktop Virtualization

One of the topics that frequently accompanies Consumerization of IT is an all but inevitable shift towards device freedom and ultimately bring your own device (BYOD).  While it’s easy to speculate on the consumerization trend, it’s rather difficult for real-world enterprise IT to provide predictable and reliable services in a world where device diversity is the new assumption.  Check out our perspective (click […]

The Gadget Bags of Yesterday and Today

I recently talked a little bit about some devices I’ve used in the past, and what I’m using most today. The ‘gadget bag’, as I tend to call it, is something we all deal with daily. As I stated in the video, everyone prefers a different mix of devices, capabilities and form-factors. Some people may […]