The Changing Role of the IT Architect: If You’re Not Part of the Solution, You’re Part of the Problem

One of the defining trends in the evolution of computing has been the increasing diffusion of platform and control. Today, we have moved from a single mainframe tended by a small team of specialist administrators through distributed computing to the explosion of corporate/divisional Windows and Linux servers. This trend has taken a further leap forward in recent years […]

London Olympics: Big Event, Big Expectations

Working in London has given me a first-hand view of the preparations for the 2012 London Olympics starting this weekend, where the world will be watching as over 200 countries go for gold. Four years ago, the 2008 Beijing Olympics set a new standard for future Olympic games with logistical and technical sophistication – not […]

Why Mobile CRM Matters for Your Business

They’re getting smaller, more powerful, and more in demand.   You see them on the train, at local coffee shops, even at your favorite dive bar.  Every day we face increasing evidence that tablets and other mobile devices are the future.  It is essential that businesses meet and support that demand by leveraging mobile CRM to […]

Executing on Big Data Insights: It’s Everyone’s Business

Earlier this month, I contributed an article on Forbes that discussed whether big data will live up to all the hype. In the article, I shared a few tips on how companies can overcome obstacles in dealing with big data. Perhaps most importantly, companies need to empower their employees to act on the insights they unlock. We’re […]

Is the Mouse Dead?

The computer mouse was never our friend.  In fact, when the mouse was brand new, it was mocked that it had no relevance in the Enterprise.  In a Building Windows 8 blog post focused on user experience, Jensen Harris quoted reporter George Vinall from PC Week in the April 24, 1984 issue that “mice are […]

How Imagine Cup Helps Companies Invest in Innovators of Tomorrow

The following is a guest blog post by Roberto Pietra, Avanade VP of Human Resources for Europe, Africa, Latin America. Innovation is a hot topic in business circles today. It is fueling the next generation of technology that is transforming how we work and live. Our CEO, Adam Warby, discussed innovation earlier this year in […]

Will Cloudsourcing Eliminate Traditional Outsourcing?

In other posts, I have alluded to the fact that the cloud computing paradigm, (with it’s pay-as-you-go financial modelling and it’s prescriptive service descriptions), will present a disruptive factor in traditional sourcing, but I thought I would flesh this out a little more. Fundamentally this is all about what I refer to as the change […]

Microsoft Kinect is Not Just for Kids Anymore

Watching my kids dance to Donna Summers “Hot Stuff” on Dance Central 2 at the local Microsoft retail store I began to realize that this game console may single handedly solve the obesity problem in the United States. Rather than spending endless hours on the couch honing their hand eye coordination playing Halo or the […]