Ultrabooks are Laptops!

CES is almost upon us and I keep seeing tech blogs and articles hailing 2012 as the year of the Ultrabook. I find this tech ‘trend’ particularly annoying because there is really nothing new here. The Ultrabook is just a marketing term invented by hardware vendors to describe the latest thin laptops. They are trying […]

Business as usual or something new?

You probably noticed that Nokia launched some really cool Windows Phone mobile devices like the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 in October during Nokia World. I got a hold of the Lumia 800 in the UK. This is an impressive device and I’ve been really satisfied. I think Nokia could have a winner here. Last […]

Collaboration Tools, If you Build it Will They Come?

As IT professionals, we are responsible for providing the tools to help an organization collaborate. We address this by putting in place things like Microsoft SharePoint Server, MySites, Instant Messaging systems, telephone systems, Wikis and other tools. All of these tools are very important and will absolutely help facilitate better collaboration. However, just implementing the […]

Software vs. Aliens

In my first Avanade blog post, I quoted a Forbes article that predicted software was moving us into a “post-hardware” world. Well, apparently software wasn’t content to just take over hardware…   now it’s taking over all business itself!  In a later Forbes piece headlined “Now Every Company Is A Software Company”, the thesis is made that […]

When Do We Use Certain Consumer Devices?

These days we’re seeing new device form-factors pop up quite often; Ultrabooks, 7-inch tablets, smartphones with 5″ screens, Windows slates, etc. There are a lot of choices when it comes to deciding what device to use, especially since you likely have more than one available at any given time. Do you want to respond to […]

Consumerization: Beyond Devices

Like Moore’s Law, the Consumerization of IT is a trend.  You can’t touch it, you can’t buy it, and you can’t install it.  Though devices tend to be the hot button item, consumerization is about the broad adoption of consumer technology in the workplace.  This includes software (apps), social computing, new collaboration patterns in the cloud, and […]

How is a smartphone like a lamp?

It’s well established that people increasingly want to use their personal devices for work. It’s the primary force driving this Consumerization of IT trend everyone is talking about. The impact of this trend on everything from back-end infrastructure to employee work habits is definitely huge, but also not fully understood. So I thought it would […]

The Effects of Consumerization on the CIO

The enterprise workplace environment is being reshaped as the boundaries between corporate and personal lives blur through the collision of overlapping forces. For CIOs, the entrance of rogue consumer technologies means that they are no longer in complete control of the organization’s IT environment.  CIOs need to balance the opportunities behind adoption of consumer technologies […]

Consumerization: Getting to the High-Order Bit

In my role at Avanade, I’m very fortunate to be able to visit with organizations around the globe helping them formulate and implement workplace technology solutions.  Whether in Stockholm or Singapore, Sydney or Seattle you can’t have a conversation about enterprise IT strategy without a long discussion on the role of ‘consumerization’ in the workplace. […]

Convergence at 36,000 Feet

Hi, I’m Burley Kawasaki from Avanade!  I’m typing up this blog post flying at 36,000 feet on my way back from a busy trip to Europe.  I spent the week visiting some of our European offices, with one of the main goals being listening to the technology trends and innovations that our regional teams are […]