Fashion Hit with Global Uncertainties and Heightened Customer Demands

The performance of the fashion and apparel industry last year was not very encouraging. Most indicators point to sluggish growth and stagnating profit margins. And many retailers believe that the condition of the fashion and apparel industry has gotten worse over the last year. Compounding all this bad news is the ongoing pressure on retailers […]

Time to Cast a Spotlight on Shadow IT

When it comes to Shadow IT, it has been suggested to ‘sniff it out,’ ‘hunt it down’ and ‘cut it off.’ Draconian views to stop it to some extent carry weight, yet it is time to reconsider. I would suggest that we need to take a different view as I believe there is business value […]

Millennials are Driving New Digital Workplace Trends in Healthcare

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Sheetal Shah.  Millennials have a significant presence in the healthcare field and are harbingers of change in this industry. For this demographic, gone are the days of long hours, years spent building a practice, and long-term allegiance to employers, traits commonly attributed to Boomers and […]

Retailers Look to Employees to Provide a Great In-Store Experience

We’ve been talking with our customers, with the press (Chain Store Age, Retail Times) and analysts about our recent global retail survey where we found that retailers are anticipating big changes to their store formats. We also highlighted that retailers were unclear on the changes in the type of work that is going to be […]

Four Technology Trends and Their Impact on ERP

Cloud, social technologies, big data and mobile have impacted different parts of the business and internal processes over the years. ERP platforms continue to be implemented and used in more traditional ways. But as businesses become more digital, the traditional ERP platform also has to adapt to the current technology trends. Let’s take a closer […]

The 3 Stages on the Journey to Application Modernization

Re-platformed, re-architected, agile, DevOps, liquid, micro-engineered, cloud-first, mobile-first, as-a-service. Application modernization has, I think, more buzz-words per paragraph than any of our major building blocks of IT modernization (Applications, Infrastructure & Workplace). Perhaps with good reason though, application modernization should be at the core of any modernization journey. They drive infrastructure choices, enable workplace solutions, […]

Mapping Digital Workplace Insights to Business Value Context

Most enterprise organizations are traveling along the journey to digital today.  There is no definitive measuring stick for how digital they have become but that does not stop them from continuing to invest and trying to find that edge to define new opportunities. Investments take many different shapes ranging from IT modernization, mobile investments, the […]

AI is the new UI – AI + UX + DesignOps

This blog post was originally published on CIO Review. Today you cannot read any technology or business article without some discussion around Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether explicit or implicit. We see AI integrating deeper in all elements of our life – be it at home with our families, or at work with our colleagues and […]

Cloud Migration & App Modernization: Not an All or Nothing Proposition

The pace of innovation continues to drive technological advances in nearly every industry while teaching customers to demand more in the way they consume and the speed in which they receive goods and services. Companies operating on legacy systems struggle to keep up with the innovation necessary to remain relevant in the market.  The good […]

Robotic Process Automation is Here, Say Goodbye to Repetitive Tasks

By 2018, Gartner cites that 20% of business content will be produced by machines. Mr. Ford & Mr. Taylor most likely would have dreamt of this time: a new era of optimizing repetitive tasks under the umbrella acronym “RPA.” Robotic Process Automation encompasses all technologies, products and processes used to automate repetitive computer capture tasks […]