Social Collaboration: The New Reality for 21st Century Companies

Only 7 years ago, in 2005, I remember two co-workers staring at a computer screen and I wasn’t sure what they were looking at. Turns out they were watching someone dance on a site called YouTube. I had no idea what they were talking about, now everybody on the planet knows YouTube. Facebook crossed the 1 billion members mark. Social is rapidly becoming the primary way to connect, share and cooperate, whether it is in private or business environments. Companies need to adapt to this shift. Not only to make the most of this opportunity but also because a new generation of workers is progressively taking leadership. They expect to have the same user experience and instant access to information that they have on their own (mobile) devices.


So what is social collaboration all about?

  • It enables breaking down silos, eliminating friction, reshaping teamwork and increasing the speed and sharing of information and crowdsourcing ideas.
  • Businesses no longer have to force fit or live with the limitations of generic out-of-the-box collaboration tools.
  • Social collaboration becomes customized to the company voice, brand and collaboration styles. It is embedded into everyone’s daily work life, as well as integrated into existing systems and business processes.
  • Bottom line it increases productivity and effectiveness while decreasing costs like travel.


Of course social technology is an enabler, not a solution in itself. The real benefits only come when you gear your organization and culture to making optimal use of it. This is part of the “Work Redesigned” vision that was recently launched by Avanade.


Organizations that invest in social collaboration will get instant return on investment. These progressive companies will benefit in several ways, to name a few:

  • Develop trust and loyalty among the employees by creating a sense of transparency and openness.
  • New possibilities to organize work by integrating virtual and real lives and allowing better decision-making based on the latest facts.
  • Adapt quicker to business process changes and new norms.
  • Reduce time to market by speeding up the sharing and processing of critical information between teams and employees across the globe.


The way we communicate, interact, decide and consume information has changed, and will change even more rapid. In a few years’ time this is no topic anymore because it has become a normal part of everyday (business) life. Adaptation is a must.


As part of “Work Redesigned,” Avanade has developed an approach to social collaboration, the rationale to invest, how to deploy and how to maximize return on investments. We back that with realization power deploying the latest social solutions. With our social assessment, we can quickly provide companies with a roadmap to deploy and create insight in ROI.


  • For businesses, Avanade helps power today’s way of work.
  • For employees, we make it easier to stay connected, better manage work/life balance, get your ideas heard and tap into the expertise and information necessary to do your job well.
  • For IT, Avanade helps technology executives delight users with the consumer style interface and give dispersed teams and mobile employees new capabilities to work better together.


Learn more about social computing and how Avanade can help you to bring you into this new world.


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