Personalisation without Crossing the ‘Creepy Line’

One of the big trends in digital marketing today is personalisation, the notion of using digital technologies that are tailored to the customers’ needs or wants. Personalisation generally comes in two flavours: Mass Personalisation – where marketers use a customer’s location, browsing behaviour or demographic information to present personalised offers or information. This isn’t tailored to the […]

Leveraging Digital and Data to Create a Customer-Centric Organization

Previously, I wrote about the concept of customer centricity vs. customer focus and noted some key differences in how companies behave when they truly become customer-centric. A customer-centric approach can be a competitive differentiator against those who offer less compelling and immersive experiences. With all the recent talk about digital business transformation and customer experiences, […]

The Rising Importance of User Experience Leadership

Our recently released Rethinking Application Possibilities research highlights that user experience (UX) is the new competitive frontier in application development, with over 87% of respondents believing that good user interfaces (UIs) and design are critical to customer satisfaction and productivity. Surprisingly however, the research also uncovers that only 27% of the same respondents are prioritising […]

Is Your Organization Customer-Centric or Customer-Focused?

Ever had a really bad customer experience and think “What do these guys know about customer service – why am I doing business here?”  Everyone has had a bad experience at one time or another, but a really good customer experience is like gold when it comes to your loyalty and the lifetime value of […]

Exploring Microsoft Kinect for Windows

What started as a gaming device from Microsoft is continuing to generate buzz and curiosity from our customers.  Last week, Microsoft released its latest software update for Kinect for Windows and the functionality keeps improving its use in business scenarios.  Kinect is a commodity device allowing an application to gain information about the real world—about a […]

Simplifying the User Experience to Improve Business Performance

I’ve recently participated in a number of conversations with customers around their strategic IT initiatives and am fully aware of the challenges they are facing to react to an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving technology landscape. The pace of change and the demands being placed upon businesses are requiring IT managers supporting the underlying systems […]

Avanade Unveils Grab & Go Solution at Mobile World Congress 2013

Ever wish you could interact with a computer through movements alone, like in the movie, Minority Report? The new Avanade Grab & Go system makes this dream a reality. Developed using NFC technologies, augmented reality combined with the built-in capabilities of Kinect for Windows, and leveraging the Microsoft Windows 8 platform, this set up enables […]

For the Consumerization of IT, Context Means Everything

I’ve written previously about the various devices I’m using these days, and how I think the perfect mix of devices is different for each person. I’ve also tried to convey the importance of context when discussing any piece of technology, whether hardware or software. I can spend all day espousing the virtues of smartphones, but […]

Is the Mouse Dead?

The computer mouse was never our friend.  In fact, when the mouse was brand new, it was mocked that it had no relevance in the Enterprise.  In a Building Windows 8 blog post focused on user experience, Jensen Harris quoted reporter George Vinall from PC Week in the April 24, 1984 issue that “mice are […]

Microsoft Kinect is Not Just for Kids Anymore

Watching my kids dance to Donna Summers “Hot Stuff” on Dance Central 2 at the local Microsoft retail store I began to realize that this game console may single handedly solve the obesity problem in the United States. Rather than spending endless hours on the couch honing their hand eye coordination playing Halo or the […]