NRF 2017: Applying Innovation and Virtual Reality to Retail

With the holiday season over the retail world now enters its prediction season; everywhere you turn you can see lists of the top retail trends of 2017. While some of those predictions are less likely to happen than my resolution to give up wine for the month of January others are already happening. Rather than […]

3 Digital Workplace Productivity Tools for Retail Store Environments

A question I often ask retailers I work with is “How many hours per day, on average, do your store assistants and managers spend with customers?” The answer to this question, and the discussions that follow, are insightful and throw light on the productivity challenge facing retailers. Over the past decade, most retailers have invested […]

The Value of Customer Experience in Retail

No one invests more in customer experience than retailers. They are at the front of the experience economy improving store layouts, creating unified commerce experiences, and investing in employee training to provide the emotionally satisfying experiences that create loyal, engaged customers. Investing in experience is a tricky thing though – individual retailers often spend money […]

How to Digitalise and Elevate the In-store Customer Experience

As customers’ retail experience becomes less physical and increasingly virtual, how should you as a retailer with a bricks-and-mortar store, an ecommerce site, social media presence and a mobile app respond and differentiate? Customers buying online have access to a rich set of information – price comparisons, reviews, blogs, videos, etc. All that vanishes the […]

Why You Need to Think of Your Digital Retail Strategy as an Iceberg

Everyday I hear from my retail customers in a panic. “We need to be omni-channel!” they shriek, terrified of what the future will bring if they don’t cash in on the latest digital retail craze and bring their sales to devices of all sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, these companies are looking at it the wrong […]

The Time is Now for In-store Retailers to Get Digital

Online retailers have developed a huge advantage over the traditional brick and mortars. Thanks to giants such as Amazon, online sellers can deliver a speedy, easy and convenient experience, tailored specifically to customers, and optimized at every step thanks to the data and analytics. This all adds up to a powerful incentive to take wallets […]

Defining the Future of Seamless Shopping at NRF 2016

It’s always nice while shopping to be surprised and delighted.  This happened to me twice during the holidays.  The first was with Nordstrom where I was searching for some gifts on their mobile app, added them to my wish list. As I walked through the flagship store in downtown Seattle at lunch one day, I […]

Supermarket of the Future on Display at NRF 2016

Digital and IoT can change the game in how customers shop for their groceries Can digital technology change the way you buy your groceries?  We think so.  And we will show you how at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show happening in New York City January 17-19th. The Big Show is the retail industry’s flagship […]

Innovation on Center Stage at NRF 2015

NRF 2015, the largest gathering of retail professionals from across the globe, had a different feel than years past.  While still present, there was less talk about cost cutting.  The buzz at the show, from keynote speeches to new product releases (like Panasonic’s new rugged mobile point of sale) centered more on investment and how […]

Accenture and Avanade to Demo Advanced CPG Analytics at NRF 2015

While embracing and implementing analytics has been a key initiative for consumer packaged goods (CPG) for some time, most CPG companies have yet to realize any more than limited returns on their analytics investments. However, by integrating analytics capabilities with core business processes, such as trade promotions management and retail merchandising, companies can deliver greater […]