Creating a New Economics of IT

If you’ve read the headline and you’re thinking: If we really do need a “new economics of IT,” just tell me what the formula is and I’ll go spin up a project…  you’re probably going to be disappointed. There isn’t a formula (I wish there was) but if you can get over that, then there […]

Are Businesses that See IT as a Commodity Missing the Point?

Has IT become a commodity? And if so, is this new state of play beneficial to businesses? These were the questions we debated in the latest of our Reality Exchange Debates between Avanade and CloudTalent experts around topical IT issues. Technologists have been writing about the commoditisation of IT since Nicholas Carr said that ‘IT […]

Managed Services Keeping Businesses Up-to-Date

Technology is moving quickly. In fact, every 12 to 18 months, computers double their capabilities, and so do the information technologies that use them. With the speed and convergence of emerging technology solutions like cloud, mobility, social, and big data, there are naturally new pressures on IT organizations to enable the transformation needed to become […]

Managed Services: Design, Build and Run With It

A good managed services partner operates as part of the same family as its clients, but is also separate enough to provide a broader perspective of the business, in turn adding value. One of the most effective ways to build this symbiotic relationship is to work with a client over the entirety of their IT […]

Combining Managed Services and Cloud for Improved Scalability

Imagine an artist trying out a new easel that improves their ability to make the right brush strokes. Now imagine an IT team looking for an equivalent that improves their ability to build better, more agile solutions. Cloud is their easel. One of the many reasons that cloud is key is that it’s scalable. A […]

Managed Services and the Importance of Rightsourcing

Handpicking a crack team based on skill sounds like something from a Hollywood film. But good managed services partners do just that; rightsourcing by taking into account not just skillset, but location, strategy and ability to scale. Tailoring the right teams to match the right processes provides businesses with what feels like an extended workforce […]

Change Management: Driving Digital Culture

This blog was co-authored by Andrew Blevins, Digital Workplace Managed Services at Avanade. As the VP of Managed Services for Avanade Australia, I have the privilege of being across many client conversations about the future of their workplace, and how managed services fits into that future. The challenge for Avanade is to cast a new […]

Attaining the Hidden ROI of Managed Services with Two-Speed IT

In a recent Avanade blog post, I discussed how the transformation to a digital business requires a two-speed approach to IT: a fast IT approach to deliver innovation to their stakeholders and slower approach to operating mission-critical systems. I went on to make the case that few enterprises have the resources, skills and tools to […]

It’s Time to Take a People-Centric IT Approach

Earlier this year, we shared Avanade’s strategic vision on a much-needed new approach for IT in today’s digital world: IT Without Boundaries. Why is a new approach needed? Avanade’s global research reveals real tension between IT and the broader business as budgets and control move outside the traditional IT department. But there is good news […]

Is Two-Speed IT Pulling You in Two Directions?

The Digital Business Heralds a New IT frontier Let me quickly set the scene: Growth is back on the agenda.  Technology has become the driving force for growth and the transformation to digital business. This new IT frontier has been created by the convergence of cloud, mobility, social, big data, emerging technology solutions and importantly, […]