Why a New Economics of IT Demands Innovation and Efficiency

Working on your core at the gym is great — but if it’s all you do, you’re limiting what could be. You need the cardio, the weights, and the full-body routines to really unlock your true potential.  It’s the same idea for companies going digital. As we’ve seen in the New Economics of IT blog […]

The Rise of the Machines

For years, we have been fed an almost constant diet of sci-fi prediction about the consequences of artificial intelligence and our deepening lack of self-reliance. Be it at the hands of vengeful robots, octopedal searcher drones or an omnipresent networked villainous super-brain; we are just fleshy victims waiting to be usurped. Well, the age of […]

How to Create a Foundation for Digital Innovation: Process & Imagination

In this two part blog series, Julian Tomison, General Manager of Avanade UK discusses some of the key questions and challenges around encouraging digital Innovation: People, Policy, Process and Imagination.   Recently, I discussed how People and Policy are critical for any business seeking to create a foundation for digital innovation. Now, let’s consider two more […]

How to Create a Foundation for Digital Innovation: People & Policy

In this two part blog series, Julian Tomison, General Manager of Avanade UK, discusses some of the key questions and challenges around how to encourage and enable digital Innovation in the enterprise: People, Policy, Process and Imagination.   In my own experience, of helping our clients bring the power of digital innovation to their businesses, to […]

The New Economics of IT: Making Innovation Pay for Itself

The average global IT budget is set to grow by approximately 2% over the coming year. It’s the biggest increase in tech spending since 2010 and potentially marks the end of an era of straitened budgets. However, while any IT investment is to be lauded, according to leading analysts 2% is just not enough. And […]

Smart Tech: Will it Displace or Replace Us?

What impact will smart tech have on the workplace? Picture the scene. It’s 2030. You are ferried to work in your driverless car. At the office, your AI personal assistant schedules all your meetings for the week in seconds. Your email app has machine-learned your tone of voice and writes your emails for you. Your […]

Microsoft + LinkedIn: With Great Innovation Comes Great Responsibility

Digital innovation – like the Microsoft LinkedIn acquisition – requires a thoughtful approach to questions of digital ethics. Microsoft’s announcement of its intent to acquire LinkedIn was certainly an exciting way to start the week. It’s an interesting combination – the world’s largest business social network coming together with the world’s largest business technology provider. […]

Global Innovation Contest: Innovate with Passion and Purpose

Innovation is definitely a buzzword, but inherent in its definition is that you take risks.  A few years ago in our annual global employee engagement survey, we saw a disturbing trend. The answers to questions that were designed to measure how our employees viewed innovation and risk within the organization dropped and had been trending […]

Race to the Bot: Are We Losing the Importance of the Experience?

I’m not quite sure what happened, but I woke up last week and bots had taken over.  My technology feeds all had headlines about bots.  Even Time magazine weighed in.  I’m now sitting here waiting for my phone to ring for my dad to ask me to help him learn how to use some bot.  […]

3 Steps to Kickstart Innovation in Your Organisation

I recently attended FT Innovate in London, an event focused on debating the topic of “Big v small: which one is better at coming up with and executing the big idea?” The topics really resonated as these are the types of conversations I am having with clients all the time. Anyone can now turn an […]