Process Automation: Not as much of a secret as I thought it was

Well, maybe process automation isn’t as secret as I thought! In a recent blog I discussed that Process Automation was the best kept secret in business transformation. On June 7, I had the opportunity to attend Blue Prism World in New York – and clearly a lot of businesses have Robotic Process Automation on their […]

Bots taking digital sales and service by storm

“Bots are the new apps,” Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Office of Microsoft, declared in his keynote speech at Microsoft’s Build conference last year. From chat bots answering frequently asked customer questions, to Siri and Cortana, who seem to have an answer to everything, bots are becoming ever more important as organizations look to offer new […]

Wine vintages to the minute, not the year, with Blockchain technology

If you understand Blockchain, than you recognise the power it has to become a platform for truth and trust. Blockchain technology is a fast and secure protocol to transfer metadata between untrusted parties. In simpler terms, blockchain is a kind of independent, transparent, and permanent database coexisting in multiple locations and shared by a community. Each […]

5 Ways That Mixed Reality Can Enhance Business Operations

Most people think of computer games when someone mentions holograms or Mixed Reality. But there is so much more you can do with these emerging technologies, especially for business. Because HoloLens seamlessly blends holograms with the real world, there are many rich possibilities for organizations of all kinds. But how can you use these for […]

Process Automation: The best kept secret in business transformation

Modern business leaders have several different challenges to juggle, including a global struggle to engage employees, increasing compliance requirements between different regulatory regimes, and currency fluctuations. All this is in addition to changing macroeconomic factors in the job market – including the creation, movement, and reallocation of jobs – for example, changes to the H-1B […]

Mixed Reality: It’s Not Virtual Reality, It’s Actual Reality

Whilst Facebook’s announcement to shutter its mixed reality content studio has many thinking it’s maybe too early for the technology, the reality is quite different within the enterprise and commercial space where it is gaining momentum and traction. Here in Australia, businesses are moving beyond Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality animated overlays, (typical in many […]

Achieving ROI from Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services

Automation is a hot topic among banks and financial institutions today. Faced with agile competitors snapping at their heels and a rising trajectory to their cost-to-income ratios, Financial Services institutions are looking at automation to improve their productivity and efficiency. These organizations are showing particular interest in robotic process automation (RPA) and rightly so, as […]

A 5-Point Roadmap for Driving Ongoing Innovation in Your Company

This blog post was originally published at Business Insider Australia. There is universal agreement among our multinational companies, politicians, universities and educators that innovation is critical to ongoing success and competitive advantage. However, sustained innovation remains an elusive goal for most organisations. The pace of change in the market is tectonic, so it is not […]

AI is the new UI – AI + UX + DesignOps

This blog post was originally published on CIO Review. Today you cannot read any technology or business article without some discussion around Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether explicit or implicit. We see AI integrating deeper in all elements of our life – be it at home with our families, or at work with our colleagues and […]

Robotic Process Automation is Here, Say Goodbye to Repetitive Tasks

By 2018, Gartner cites that 20% of business content will be produced by machines. Mr. Ford & Mr. Taylor most likely would have dreamt of this time: a new era of optimizing repetitive tasks under the umbrella acronym “RPA.” Robotic Process Automation encompasses all technologies, products and processes used to automate repetitive computer capture tasks […]