Millennials are Driving New Digital Workplace Trends in Healthcare

Millennials have a significant presence in the healthcare field and are harbingers of change in this industry. For this demographic, gone are the days of long hours, years spent building a practice, and long-term allegiance to employers, traits commonly attributed to Boomers and Gen-Xers. After watching many clinicians experience burnout, millennials are forcing a change […]

Why Health Care Needs a Chief of Work

This blog was co-authored by Michelle Caldwell, Director of Enterprise Technology Architecture. Workplace experts and industry analysts are increasingly predicting that we might soon see a new addition to the C-suite: the Chief of Work (or COW – not to be confused with the provider acronym, Computers on Wheels). This role, which would be a […]

Why a Blockchain EHR Makes Sense for a Patient-centered Approach

The following post was originally published on Health Data Management. By now, most people have heard of blockchain, at least as the Bitcoin ledger. As awareness of blockchain has grown, people have come to understand that it is a powerful technology in its own right. Blockchain is a general purpose, trustworthy, open, indelible ledger in […]

How the Internet of Things will Disrupt Traditional Healthcare

This article originally published in Health Data Management. There are occasional moments in the evolution of business and technology that offer opportunities to re-think the status quo and fundamentally change the way business is done.  When the application that intersects business and tech is so compelling that it alone can justify platform adoption, we sometimes call […]

3 Critical Steps to Improve Cybersecurity

This blog originally published in Data Health Management. Recent cyberattacks have ensured that the security spotlight on healthcare organizations shines ever brighter. The seeds of threat seem to have proliferated after a number of successful ransomware attacks. An aging infrastructure, and the anonymity of digital currencies have just been a couple of the drivers that […]

Analytics in Health Care: The Hidden Benefits

This article first published on Health Data Management. It is an extraordinary time in the health care industry. Rapid advances in medical technology, the push for more personalized health care, a demand for real-time access to information and the ever-increasing cost are all happening at once. So many challenges, with many of them unique to […]

5 Steps to Starting the Patient Experience Journey

I was recently discussing the topic of enabling a comprehensive patient experience for providers with a colleague. We talked about the ultimate goals of creating a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s needs and wants along with the ability to apply that understanding to individual interactions.  This conversation, just like others, wound its way through the […]

Patient Experience Change Management Q&A with Cheryl Dewar

Transforming the patient experience is critical to winning the battle for a patient’s loyalty. In my last blog post, I talked about how an organization has to know where it is headed to understand where it is on the customer journey.  In addition, my colleague, Darren Gooding discussed understanding the baseline of a CRM solution […]

The Patient Experience Direction – Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet? It’s a question I hear on every car trip with my family.  My daughters ask it just to laugh at my reaction.  Questions with a similar intent can be asked about changes in healthcare and the patient experience. Is the industry there yet? Is our organization positioned where it needs to […]

Transforming the Patient Experience Beyond the Bedside

Bedside manner is the quintessential expression of how a patient interprets the experience of a visit to a medical facility.  It is the personal touch of how a physician, nurse, pharmacist or other clinician treats a patient in a face-to-face encounter.  The patient’s point of view of the staff and entire facility has traditionally been […]