Microsoft Supercharges Power BI with New Features

Microsoft recently made the most significant announcement regarding Power BI enterprise readiness since its initial launch of the new product back in June of 2015. There are a multitude of enhancements that have raised Power BI’s game in the enterprise: a new Power BI Premium product, free license capability, convergence of the Power BI Embedded product […]

Mapping Digital Workplace Insights to Business Value Context

Most enterprise organizations are traveling along the journey to digital today.  There is no definitive measuring stick for how digital they have become but that does not stop them from continuing to invest and trying to find that edge to define new opportunities. Investments take many different shapes ranging from IT modernization, mobile investments, the […]

Big Data Exploration: Discovering the New World of Analytics

In my last blog post, I explained how to start your journey towards Big Data and Advanced Analytics and briefly mentioned that one of the steps is to “experiment” these technologies and capabilities though POC’s or pilots before defining the final needs and requirements. Therefore, in this post we will focus on understanding how to […]

Your Journey Towards Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Big data, advanced analytics, machine learning, stream analytics… these are buzzwords that organizations believe will completely transform the way they do business. And they are right! The business value is somewhere locked behind the large volumes of structured and unstructured data coming from inside and outside the company. To unlock it, these organizations must be […]

Master Data Management the Easy Way

I met with a client that needed to deal with one of the most common and complex problems that organizations have – data management.  This oil/gas company had data coming out of its ears – production, seismic, HSE, down-hole sensor, log, financial… you get the picture.  Each department was its own silo; a sprawling archipelago […]

The First Rule of Big Data

How many of you have watched the movie Fight Club?  Great movie, replete with violence, ennui, and a lament for the narcissistic failings of the baby boomers.  Anyways, there’s a scene in the beginning of the movie where Edward Norton talks about how has to assess risk associated with car accidents for an insurance company.  […]

Williams Martini Racing and Avanade: Deciphering Data to Get Results

The following is a guest blog post by Jakob Andreasen, Chief Performance and Operations Engineer at Williams Martini Racing. While some people may know the importance of what happens under the body of an F1 car, less will be aware of how much a race lies in the hands of technology. The amount of data […]

Creating the Perfect Business Intelligence Scrum Team

With any project, the development team is the engine that drives the project – to success or failure. That’s why it is critical to make sure that the development team has the right components to be successful. In a previous post, I talked about how to improve business intelligence project quality with a scrum framework. […]

The New Digital Insights Lifecycle: Data Drives Actionable Insight

If software is eating the world, then data is eating the enterprise. Increased digitization means that companies are producing mountains of data – more than most know what to do with. But the businesses that will succeed in today’s global economy will be those that put their data to smartest use. But, it’s easier said […]

Data-Fueled Productivity in the Digital Workplace

The transformation to digital workplaces is still an evolution, not a revolution, for many –particularly in the realm of data and analytics. Companies are struggling to prioritize business outcomes related to productivity and salesforce effectiveness. Data and analytics are at the crux of helping businesses achieve their digital goals. Productivity gains are not just about […]