How Data-Driven Sales Teams will Continue to Win

Last year, CSO Insights reported that salespeople spend only a third of their time (35.9%) selling. Searching for or creating content along with admin and reporting take up the remainder of their time. As a salesperson, it’s frustrating when these time-consuming (and often laborious) tasks take away from time we could be spending talking to […]

What to Consider When Switching Your CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365

A lot of clients think that switching their CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be daunting, confusing and filled with uncertainty. But I’ve now helped several enterprises attain a smooth transition with the necessary expertise and tools, and wanted to share some of my learnings  [CLICK TO TWEET]. Why Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365? It’s […]

Digital Sales Tools: Overcoming the Adoption Barrier

Sales is both an art and a science; a combination of instinct, experience, relationships and raw data, so it’s no surprise that salespeople are often reluctant to abandon old ways of working that have served them so well in the past. Adoption of new technology is a notorious challenge in sales for precisely this reason, […]

The DNA of Digital Disruption

Regardless of what stage companies are in while going through their digital transformation journey, the potential for market disruption is always looming. As I see it there are four market needs that are driving organizations to transform themselves digitally: increasing innovation, moving faster, staying connected and getting personal. The Need to Increase Innovation:  Digital disruption […]

3 Ways Dynamics 365 Helps You Re-Invent CRM

It’s fun to dig into theory and talk about the future. But sometimes people just want practical answers, to real-life problems. They want more “how,” less “what.” Take for instance my last blog post about two distinct strategies needed to re-think customer relationship management (CRM). In it, I argued if modern organizations want optimal digital […]

New Dynamics 365 Platform Combines CRM and ERP Functionality

On November 1, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 – the next generation of the award-winning cloud CRM and ERP software. There is one thing in particular that makes the Dynamics 365 release special. For the first time, Microsoft has united the CRM and the ERP offerings into one product. ERP customers can now ‘switch on’ the […]

New Banking Analytics Solution Launched at Convergence EMEA 2015

More than ever, banking and financial services customers are willing to look at alternatives to traditional providers. Accenture research predicts that by 2020, more than 30% of banking revenues could be at risk thanks to new competitors and new trends. As such, financial services providers must look for new ways to retain customers and win […]

Do Your Services Earn Customer Loyalty?

The following is a guest post by Omer Minkara, Research Director leading the Contact Center & Customer Experience Management research within the Aberdeen Group. Customer service is one of the most critical, yet often overlooked, activities in business. ‘Yesterday you were a prospect, today you’re just a customer.’ Sound familiar? The good news for customer-centric organizations […]

Can You Rise Above the Noise with Your Marketing Programs?

The following is a guest post by Omer Minkara, Research Director leading the Contact Center & Customer Experience Management research within the Aberdeen Group. The advent of technology tools like marketing automation software has changed the very foundation of marketing. The increased adoption of technology tools, such as business intelligence and marketing campaign management, has enabled […]

Building a Roadmap for Omnichannel Customer Engagement

From primary research that we’ve done at Avanade we know that consumers and business buyers are basing their purchase loyalty on the level of service and experience they receive. Two thirds of consumers have stopped doing business with an organization because of a poor customer experience on the upside, 56% of consumers have paid more […]