The Effects of Consumerization on the CIO

The enterprise workplace environment is being reshaped as the boundaries between corporate and personal lives blur through the collision of overlapping forces.   For CIOs, the entrance of rogue consumer technologies means that they are no longer in complete control of the organization’s IT environment.  CIOs need to balance the opportunities behind adoption of consumer […]

Consumerization: Getting to the High-Order Bit

In my role at Avanade, I’m very fortunate to be able to visit with organizations around the globe helping them formulate and implement workplace technology solutions.  Whether in Stockholm or Singapore, Sydney or Seattle you can’t have a conversation about enterprise IT strategy without a long discussion on the role of ‘consumerization’ in the workplace. […]

And the BYOD Debate Rages On…

The issue at hand “Should employees be allowed to use their own device for work?”  Serving as the central question for a Wall Street Journal article published this morning, contributors weighed in on both sides of the debate surrounding the consumerization of IT.  It is undeniable that this is an issue which IT departments will […]