Is Work Redesigned Really Business Process Reengineering?

For the last few months, I have been travelling around the world meeting with leaders from enterprises in a number of industries. I’ve shared with them Avanade’s vision for how businesses can benefit from consumer and mobile technologies, something we call Work Redesigned, and I occasionally get the question, “Is Work Redesigned really Business Process Reengineering?” […]

#WRDChat Recap: May 2 TweetChat with Maribel Lopez

Last week, we co-hosted our first #WRDChat on Twitter with independent technology analyst Maribel Lopez and Avanade’s CTIO Florin Rotar. The topic focused on what we call Work Redesigned – how the adoption of mobile and consumer technologies in the workplace are changing the way we work. It was a great dialogue with folks like […]

TweetChat on May 2 – How Consumer Technologies are Impacting the Way We Work

I’m excited to co-host Avanade’s first-ever TweetChat next Thursday, May 2, at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. We’ll be chatting with technology analyst Maribel Lopez (@MaribelLopez) and industry leaders about how mobile and consumer technologies in the workplace are changing the way we work. It’s well-known that the use of certain technologies in […]

Better Together: Mobility, Windows 8 and Dynamics CRM

These are thrilling times for technology.  With the launch of Microsoft Windows 8 and the debut of new hardware like the Surface tablet, Microsoft is taking a very calculated leap of faith in the mobility trend. The effect of Windows 8 on the average consumer will be interesting to watch but the real question is […]

Leading the Way with Early Adoption of Windows 8

At Avanade, we have a history of early adoption of Microsoft technologies.  It makes sense for us, being a Microsoft solutions integrator.  This aligns with our strategy to provide our customers with showcase examples of innovative technologies actively being used to run our business.  While, in general, we consider ourselves an early, and sometimes even […]

For the Consumerization of IT, Context Means Everything

I’ve written previously about the various devices I’m using these days, and how I think the perfect mix of devices is different for each person. I’ve also tried to convey the importance of context when discussing any piece of technology, whether hardware or software. I can spend all day espousing the virtues of smartphones, but […]

The Demise of the Workstation

We’re living and working in an era of transformation. The way most people work has changed significantly from how we worked a few years ago. Capabilities like mobility and enterprise collaboration are responsible for changing how, where and when employees work, impacting lines of business, HR and IT alike. In fact, our own research on […]

My Windows 8 Desktop Experience

I’ve been exclusively using Windows 8 as my desktop operating system for a full six months now. It started as an experiment after attending the Microsoft BUILD conference, where I received a Samsung Series 7 slate with Windows 8 Developer Preview. Even though this was a very early version of Windows 8, it was usable […]

The Convergence of Tomorrow’s Technology

Recently I read an article from that outlined the six major tech trends for 2012. claimed that these trends could create huge opportunities or huge disruptions in the enterprise. As I read through the six trends (predictive technology, HTML5, high resolution displays, social analytics, speech for business and business-ready storage), it struck me […]

Consumerization of IT: Getting Beyond the Myths

We’ve been talking a lot about the consumerization of IT here at Avanade, including the results of our latest global survey that tackles company perspectives on the trend. Our CTO, Tyson Hartman, highlights some of the myths that our survey dispelled in Forbes this week. Here’s a quick excerpt of the story: “The tale we […]