Cloud Transformation – Common Pitfalls

Cloud can often be seen as a silver bullet, which brings higher agility and elasticity whilst at the same time driving down overall costs and increasing efficiencies. Cloud providers, in their drive to gain market share, have been offering incentives and freebies to help clients dip their toe in the Cloud (figuratively speaking)  [CLICK TO TWEET]. […]

The Path to Cloud Application Modernization

Last time out we covered some of the issues with getting your application migration strategy wrong and how Avanade’s approach to the cloud journey, plus our toolsets, enable our clients to get the best value from their cloud transformation by focusing first on an application modernization strategy. However you do it though, companies need to […]

Cloud – It’s All About The Apps

A few years ago, a company decided that they wanted to move nearly 3,000 applications into the cloud. It was a complex project with a tight deadline. And unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well. The project ran about 25% over budget, requiring the company to overspend by $46 million and have to revisit the application […]

Modernize IT Operations to Truly Unlock the Promise of Cloud

As enterprise IT organizations look to embrace the value and benefits that Cloud computing has been promising, they rightly focus on which technologies will best meet their needs. This is not really a journey to a cloud destination as much as it is a transformation in the way to deliver IT by incorporating cloud services. […]

Getting IaaS Right is Your Recipe for Cloud Success

One of the cloud’s big selling points is the lower cost it delivers to enterprises like yours. So why do some companies see IT costs rise after moving to the cloud—and how can you avoid being one of them? A key reason for this paradoxical result is that some companies take their traditional views of […]

ITaaS: A New Way to Get the Most from the Cloud

The chances are that building and maintaining IT is not your company’s core business. So, before you think about building and maintaining more of your IT on your own, think about the companies for which the cloud is their business. The number of companies providing cloud infrastructure, platforms, software and more, continues to grow – […]

Taking a Radical Approach to Cost Efficiency and Optimisation

This guest blog post was authored by Paul Brooks, Head of Delivery at CloudTalent, an Avanade company.   Whether you’re a fledgling start-up or a successful, established organisation, every business is, or will be under a cost challenge to some degree. Unchallenged legacy agreements and a build-up of unhealthy contingency costs, out-dated processes and legacy […]

Cloud Computing: IT Dream or Business Nightmare?

This guest blog post was authored by Geoff Alder, Head of Cloud Practice at CloudTalent, an Avanade company. Cloud is often seen as the key to commercial IT transformation. There’s a general consensus that it’s a good thing, but many businesses still don’t really understand what it can do for them. Many make the mistake […]

Are You Sleepwalking into Office 365?

The following is a guest blog post by J. Peter Bruzzese, a five-time-awarded Microsoft MVP, technical speaker, author of a dozen books and consultant to Mimecast, an Avanade technology partner. The number of organizations moving to Office 365, or establishing partial moves through hybrid connections, is staggering.  The largest factor in the move is Exchange […]

Long-Term Success and Higher ROI with Cloud

Unlike a lot of new, much-hyped technology, the forecast for cloud is that it’s here to stay. Cloud is ideal for organizations wanting to stay ahead by innovating and decreasing time to market, while getting a solid return on investment (ROI). So what should IT decision-makers actually do with cloud? The most successful moves to […]