Digitalization: Austria Needs to Catch Up

Digitalization is turning the world upside down. A study led by Accenture highlights just how important it is for companies to be digital and take advantage of new opportunities: Without new stimuli, such as digitalization, it will hardly be possible for the 100 most important companies in Austria to continue to grow. Recent figures from […]

Azure Stack: It’s About to Make Hybrid Cloud Real

That sound you hear is hybrid cloud reaching its tipping point. It’s C-level executives who are leading the charge to the combined cloud/on-premises platform. They see it as their companies’ tickets to competitive advantage, better customer experiences and high-flying growth. That’s a conclusion from the just released Avanade research study IT Modernization: Critical to Digital […]

3 Big Benefits for Moving SAP to the Azure Cloud

In the past, if you’d have said you were taking SAP to the cloud, your colleagues would tell you that you need a vacation. Today though, it isn’t a matter of if you’re taking SAP to the cloud, it’s when – and more importantly – how you’re going to do it. As we just shared […]

Cloud Migration & App Modernization: Not an All or Nothing Proposition

The pace of innovation continues to drive technological advances in nearly every industry while teaching customers to demand more in the way they consume and the speed in which they receive goods and services. Companies operating on legacy systems struggle to keep up with the innovation necessary to remain relevant in the market.  The good […]

Moving to a Cloud-based ERP: The Importance of Preparation

In November 2016, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 for Operations, its new cloud-based ERP solution, a complete re-architecting of the Dynamics AX platform that aligns with Microsoft’s cloud first, mobile first strategy. ERP in the cloud can and will offer businesses many advantages. However, it also requires a good preparation and the right choices. First of […]

How a Cloud “Platform-Plus” Can Address the Need for Speed – and More

When I talk with clients about why they want to move to the cloud, I hear a common theme: They’re looking for speed. Now, speed may mean different things to different people. Some companies want to get their products to market faster. Others need to react more quickly to customer needs. And still others want […]

Cloud Transformation – Common Pitfalls

Cloud can often be seen as a silver bullet, which brings higher agility and elasticity whilst at the same time driving down overall costs and increasing efficiencies. Cloud providers, in their drive to gain market share, have been offering incentives and freebies to help clients dip their toe in the Cloud (figuratively speaking)  [CLICK TO TWEET]. […]

The Path to Cloud Application Modernization

Last time out we covered some of the issues with getting your application migration strategy wrong and how Avanade’s approach to the cloud journey, plus our toolsets, enable our clients to get the best value from their cloud transformation by focusing first on an application modernization strategy. However you do it though, companies need to […]

Cloud – It’s All About The Apps

A few years ago, a company decided that they wanted to move nearly 3,000 applications into the cloud. It was a complex project with a tight deadline. And unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well. The project ran about 25% over budget, requiring the company to overspend by $46 million and have to revisit the application […]

Modernize IT Operations to Truly Unlock the Promise of Cloud

As enterprise IT organizations look to embrace the value and benefits that Cloud computing has been promising, they rightly focus on which technologies will best meet their needs. This is not really a journey to a cloud destination as much as it is a transformation in the way to deliver IT by incorporating cloud services. […]