5 Reasons Why CIOs Need to Prepare for Brexit and Modernise IT

The degree of impact that Brexit will have on the IT organizations of UK businesses will depend on the nature of the trade deal that is negotiated. Now, however, is the time for firms to consider the potential scenarios and plan accordingly. Let’s hope there will be a structured transition period but those who have […]

Time to Cast a Spotlight on Shadow IT

When it comes to Shadow IT, it has been suggested to ‘sniff it out,’ ‘hunt it down’ and ‘cut it off.’ Draconian views to stop it to some extent carry weight, yet it is time to reconsider. I would suggest that we need to take a different view as I believe there is business value […]

Work in IT? You’ve Got More in Common with Athletes than You Think

It’s that time of year again when we get to celebrate sport, and as both an IT professional and a part-time athlete (who trialled for the British taekwondo team) it’s fair to say – I love this time of year. With this as a backdrop, I think you might be surprised to learn that the […]

The 6 Business Principles for Success in IT

This guest blog post was authored by Tony Irving, COO, CloudTalent, an Avanade company.   I’ve been working in IT for over 30 years. I’ve helped organisations of all sizes solve all sorts of IT issues. I’ve learnt a lot of things along the way – what works, what to avoid and what you really […]

Here’s Why Microsoft Convergence 2015 EMEA is Better Than Ever

As I get ready for Microsoft Convergence EMEA in Barcelona (30 Nov. – 2 Dec.) I can’t help but expect two things: Everything is going to be the same. And everything is going to be different. Let me explain. I’ve been attending Convergence for the past 11 years. And in that time I have come […]

MS Ignite Announcements Drive Business Opportunities

I recently attended Microsoft Ignite and I have to say that I was blown away by the magnitude of that conference. The numbers were just amazing; over 23,000 attendees, the keynote alone had 18,000 attendees at the McCormick Place conference center and there were hundreds of sessions with overviews of technical content. It was just […]

DevOps for Everyone

In my previous post, I talked about the potential for DevOps to accelerate your business and the scenarios it can enable.  But, these scenarios may not apply to everyone.  Let’s say you’re working hard on a project to upgrade an aging system. Or maybe the project is the development of a brand new enterprise application […]

Igniting the Art of the Possible at Microsoft Ignite

Challenge what you know, reveal new opportunities, spark innovation and see where technology is headed. That’s the tagline for this year’s first Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago, home to one of Avanade’s first markets, next week. As a mash-up of a whole set of previous Microsoft IT-oriented conferences, it will be a jam-packed week of […]

The Potential for DevOps to Accelerate Your Business

There is quite a lot of hype around DevOps and most of it is rightly justified.  There are some things that you can do with DevOps that are practically impossible to achieve without it. By DevOps, I mean the culture of DevOps:  the collaborative or combined relationship between operations and development roles.  I also mean […]

The Benefits of Nurturing a DevOps Culture

If you’ve been in the software industry for any length of time, you will have first-hand experience of ‘the wall’ that often exists between development and operations teams.  In many organizations, the wall has well-oiled machinery that helps shepherd solutions from test into production, but also has the unfortunate effect of segmenting skills, objectives and […]