An Agile Organisation as a DevOps Accelerator

In my last post, I talked about the Path to DevOps and the underlying Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) disciplines that need to be in place before the benefits of DevOps can be realised. For most organisations, this transformation and the journey to DevOps will take time, generally months to years to become truly effective.  These […]

The Path to DevOps Success

In my last post, I talked about how DevOps can benefit everyone by instilling discipline that can help to improve most IT projects.  But, DevOps is a destination and a way of working, and one that requires mastery of other fundamental Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) disciplines before you can achieve and exploit it. There are […]

Architectural Frameworks and Reusable Code

A few weeks ago at Microsoft Build Developer Conference there were a lot of announcements that got people cheering and clapping but one stood out over all the others and it had nothing to do with holographic robots. We have a long history of reuse within Avanade.  In the early days of .NET we created […]

Common Scrum Dysfunctions and Agile Misconceptions

Quite often, we come across some common agile misconceptions and myths. The success of an agile project is highly dependent on making sure we bust these myths. Total transparency, early conversation and agile coaching are key. Myth: Agile projects are “out of control”. Successful, high-performing development teams are self-managing without a command and control structure […]

The Importance of the Agile Coach

If you had to transform the attitudes and culture of a 20,000 employee company in its journey to become more agile, where would you start? A key element in embarking on a large-scale transformation is absolute buy-in from leadership at the executive and local levels. It is, in fact, both a top-down and a bottom-up […]

The Right Projects with the Right Customers for the Right Reasons

I often hear the questions, “Why don’t you do agile for every project?” “Isn’t agile the right approach, regardless of what the customer might think?” It’s not quite so simple in an enterprise setting. From our experience, an agile approach isn’t right for every one of our projects. At Avanade, we don’t initiate a discussion […]

Measuring the Success of Organizational Agility

As we venture on our own journey to become more agile, Avanade’s leadership continuously seeks to understand whether or not the Agile @ Avanade program is paying off. Rightly so. At the end of the day, we are investing heavily in building an enterprise-wide capability. But, is the agile transformation program contributing to the value […]

Avanade’s Agile Approach to Faster & Better Software Development

Avanade has embarked on an enterprise-scale agile transformation journey over the past three years, in partnership with Although we have only written the first couple of chapters of this journey, we’ve gained valuable experience as we move along our “path to agility” and continue to refine our strategic agile approach. It’s all about demand. I’ve seen […]

Choosing the Right Strategy for Mobile Application Development

Avanade recently won the Microsoft Mobility Partner of the Year for the third time in a row and this win is huge testament to the innovative mobile application development work we have done, which ranges from helping a hospital deliver better patient care, building a better inflight experience, or creating a new connected retail solution. […]

Application Reliability is King on the Track – Monaco Grand Prix

This weekend, Formula 1 takes to the streets of Monte Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix – the most famous and recognizable race on the F1 calendar. For drivers, this is the race everyone wants to win – it is the most high-profile circuit and one of the most technically difficult to accomplish. According to […]