Work Redesigned: Consumer Technologies are Changing How Work Gets Done

If you’re like me, you probably are doing your job very differently than how you did it even a few years ago. For many companies, the days of dedicated offices and 9-5 schedules (9-5 sounds antiquated, doesn’t it?) are relics of the past. The truth is the nature of work and how business gets done is going through a radical transformation. There are always many factors to all major change, but from where I sit, I think consumer technologies in the workplace have become a significant catalyst for this transformation.


Avanade’s view is that companies are taking a hard look at how to capitalize on the consumer technology trend. Today we announced the findings of a global research study that shows companies are leveraging consumer technologies to allow employees to get work done in new ways.  We commissioned it to better understand how business and IT leaders across the globe are responding to the consumer technology trend, and the business value they are creating. Our survey of nearly 600 executives and IT decision-makers reveals that the most progressive businesses enabling these consumer and mobile technologies are, in essence, redesigning how work gets done and building business processes to reap new benefits. Avanade calls this “Work Redesigned.”


From our point of view, we see the principles that underpin Work Redesigned as a significant opportunity for companies to take advantage of, which our research shows. It’s clear that companies are seeing real value by not only embracing, but further enabling, these technologies with new business processes and policies. For more detail, I hope you’ll read the full report of our findings. You can also watch a video discussion with me on Avanade’s vision for how work is changing below.


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