Sanjay Marwaha

Sanjay Marwaha

Sanjay Marwaha is a Director of Digital Innovation at Avanade. For over twenty years, Sanjay has advised Banking and Capital Markets firms the world over on their transformational programs, leveraging his deep industry knowledge and his awareness of emerging technology to deliver direct business impact of his clients. Sanjay is also a speaker and adviser on all things Digital in the Financial Services space and is active in the Fintech community.

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The Rise of the Machines

For years, we have been fed an almost constant diet of sci-fi prediction about the consequences of artificial intelligence and our deepening lack of self-reliance. Be it at the hands of vengeful robots, octopedal searcher drones or an omnipresent networked villainous super-brain; we are just fleshy victims waiting to be usurped. Well, the age of […]

The Double-Digit Millionaire and the Digital Dragon

As the global wealth landscape changes with the growth in the number of millionaires and billionaires, we ask what it takes to have a seat at the table and what wealth managers must do to develop a more sophisticated client service model. The Double-Digit Millionaire In recent months, JP Morgan Chase has gone public with […]