Sheetal Shah

Sheetal Shah

Sheetal Shah is a Health Solution Architect at Avanade with over 12 years of experience in the Health and Life Sciences industry working in both the public and private sector. He supports Avanade’s Healthcare clients in the development of solutions to address strategic business initiatives to ultimately improve patient clinical outcomes, engagement, and experience while effectively supporting collaboration and enhancing revenue. In his spare time, Sheetal enjoys leading teams at industry innovation challenges, like Health 2.0, where Avanade has won its last three entries. Sheetal resides in Silicon Valley with his wife and daughter.

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Millennials are Driving New Digital Workplace Trends in Healthcare

Millennials have a significant presence in the healthcare field and are harbingers of change in this industry. For this demographic, gone are the days of long hours, years spent building a practice, and long-term allegiance to employers, traits commonly attributed to Boomers and Gen-Xers. After watching many clinicians experience burnout, millennials are forcing a change […]

Why Health Care Needs a Chief of Work

This blog was co-authored by Michelle Caldwell, Director of Enterprise Technology Architecture. Workplace experts and industry analysts are increasingly predicting that we might soon see a new addition to the C-suite: the Chief of Work (or COW – not to be confused with the provider acronym, Computers on Wheels). This role, which would be a […]

3 Critical Steps to Improve Cybersecurity

This blog originally published in Data Health Management. Recent cyberattacks have ensured that the security spotlight on healthcare organizations shines ever brighter. The seeds of threat seem to have proliferated after a number of successful ransomware attacks. An aging infrastructure, and the anonymity of digital currencies have just been a couple of the drivers that […]

Analytics in Health Care: The Hidden Benefits

This article first published on Health Data Management. It is an extraordinary time in the health care industry. Rapid advances in medical technology, the push for more personalized health care, a demand for real-time access to information and the ever-increasing cost are all happening at once. So many challenges, with many of them unique to […]