Nick Lefkonidjates

Nick Lefkonidjates

Nick Lefkonidjates leads the Business Applications practice at Avanade UK, helping clients to maximise the value they get from technology-enabled business transformation. Nick has 18 years’ experience working with clients in a variety of industries, including Retail, Professional Services, Financial Services, and FMCG, to improve productivity and efficiency, increase revenues, and reduce costs. Nick’s experience of working in Management Consulting, Systems Integration, and Software Vendor environments has given him a unique perspective on the real-world challenges faced by companies implementing business-critical change, enabling him to help clients deliver sustainable business improvement in a way that is pragmatic and outcome-focused.

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Why front-end customer service relies on backend operations

The way consumers use digital platforms is changing at warp speed. Thanks to a rise in smart devices, more people are browsing, comparing and purchasing goods online. To take advantage of this changing behaviour, retailers need to ensure that their technology is capable of catering for the digital age. Most importantly, this means providing a […]

How Technology is Changing the Backend of Retail

Some retailers are leading the way when it comes to digital customer experiences. Instore, they’re using RFID technology and smart mirrors to show shoppers relevant product information. They’re using augmented reality so that people can virtually try clothes on. Online, they’re investing huge amounts of money in making sure that their e-commerce platforms are interactive, […]

What Retailers Need to Look for in an ERP Solution

Today’s retailers face a complex operating environment. They need to sell seamlessly across multiple channels. They need to deal efficiently with a huge number of daily transactions. And they must accommodate an increasingly global customer base. It’s no longer enough just to have the right products in the right place at the right time. Instead, […]

The Importance of Integrated ERP Systems for Professional Services

Firms specialising in professional services always rely on a number of systems. A system for customer relationships. A system for HR. A system for sales. The list goes on. Naturally, managing all these disparate databases can be difficult. But it shouldn’t have to be this way. Different data systems may fall under different arms of […]

3 Steps to Adopting ERP for the New Digital Workplace

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) tends to have a bad reputation. Its implementation is renowned for requiring big capital investments and lengthy, multi-year schedules. And once installed, not all businesses immediately see the value  [CLICK TO TWEET]. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Which is why we’re declaring the old view of ERP as […]

The Seamless Shopping Experience: Customer First, Retailer Second

Forget what you know. The relationship between customer and retailer has intrinsically changed. The power is truly now in the customer’s hand. Before mobile web browsing, smartphone apps, and social media allowed customers to make purchases anytime, anywhere, the mentality was always retailer first, customer second. But now, to remain competitive, retailers must provide a […]