Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Chris Miller is Avanade’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer, responsible for Avanade’s technology innovation and incubation function worldwide. As CTIO, he is responsible for leading Avanade’s client-centric innovation agenda, developing and communicating the company’s technology vision both internally and externally, and for supporting all aspects of the company's technology development. Previously, Chris was Chief Information Officer, responsible for the technology capabilities that power the company’s people and operations worldwide.

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Technology Vision 2017: Every Business Will Be an AI-First Business

We’ve been talking about cloud-first and mobile-first for a while now. Here’s another “first” businesses need to start paying attention to: AI-first. We believe all businesses are only a few years away from a new era – one where we will need to focus first on artificial intelligence. Avanade’s Technology Vision 2017 explores AI and […]

Technology Vision 2016: The Value of Unlearning and Relearning

In last year’s Avanade Technology Vision, we presented a world where business leaders had to unlearn the habits of the past to move forward. For Avanade’s Technology Vision 2016, we feel it’s time for businesses to take the next step – to relearn much of what they know in order to succeed in the long […]

How a Digital Workplace and Diversity Drive Innovation

This blog post was originally published on The Economist. Every company is looking for a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive space with a sense of growing urgency in the quest for talent to create excellent customer experiences. To increase productivity and competitive advantage in a hyper-connected world, there are two fundamentals, we at Avanade, […]

Sparking Digital Innovation: Congrats to the New U.S. CIO

Just a few weeks ago, President Obama named Tony Scott as the next United States Chief Information Officer. As Mr. Scott takes the helm, the technology industry in North America is going through perhaps the most rapid pace of change since the invention of the internet. As the former CIO for both Microsoft and VMWare, […]

It’s a Digital World – And CIOs Need to Adapt

The pace of technology is moving at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen, and it’s only going to accelerate. As companies increasingly look to become digital businesses, technologies like big data, cloud, social and mobile are changing the game for IT professionals. To be successful, CIOs need to think about how they are adding […]

What Lies Beneath – Raising the Visibility of IT Innovation

Technology today is moving at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen, and it’s only going to accelerate. To be successful in an ever-changing industry, IT professionals need to think about how they are adding value across the organization. Think of the work the IT department does as an iceberg. The part that is visible […]

Tech Vision 2014: Bringing the Art of the Possible to Life at Avanade

This year is truly the year of digital business and forging connections through technology – connecting devices, people, information and insights, as well as disparate systems across the enterprise. This makes up the core of Avanade’s tech vision for 2014. And, as our CTIO stated in an earlier blog post entitled “Technology Vision 2014: The […]

IT Innovation: Beyond the Help Desk

Last year, I wrote about the demise of the traditional workstation and how walls are coming down between various devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone). There is a convergence of capabilities between them and we’re seeing IT innovation become a reality. This phenomenon is, in large part, driven by the consumerization of IT and the […]

Compliance in the Digital Enterprise

Technology compliance is an increasingly complex and important area of focus for today’s CIOs.  As CIO of Avanade, I have to ensure that our network is protected, and our employees are acting in a way that is compliant with the rules and regulations of our business. I also need to ensure that our governance policies […]

The Evolving Role of IT: Driving Business Results

In the 21st century, IT is evolving in a big way. Not only are the technologies more intriguing and in-demand, but the evolving role of IT is also growing in importance for business leaders and driving better business results. New technologies introduce both opportunities and complexity.  Where should you leverage the cloud? Which mobile capability […]