Barry Givens

Barry Givens

Barry Givens is the Director of Product Management for CRM at Avanade. He is responsible for developing the strategy and roadmap for a growing portfolio of Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based industry solutions. Prior to joining Avanade Barry held a variety of positions at Microsoft over a 15 year period. That work included ten years working on Microsoft Business Solutions in R&D, technical marketing and as the global channel development manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Retailers Look to Employees to Provide a Great In-Store Experience

We’ve been talking with our customers, with the press (Chain Store Age, Retail Times) and analysts about our recent global retail survey where we found that retailers are anticipating big changes to their store formats. We also highlighted that retailers were unclear on the changes in the type of work that is going to be […]

Study Shows Retailers Overlook Employees When Changing Store Formats

Late last year Avanade and EKN conducted a survey of retail executives about the changing nature of their stores, what changes they expected to see in the next three years, and what challenges they were experiencing in managing those changes. Our first look at the charts sent us back to the raw data to see […]

NRF 2017: Applying Innovation and Virtual Reality to Retail

With the holiday season over the retail world now enters its prediction season; everywhere you turn you can see lists of the top retail trends of 2017. While some of those predictions are less likely to happen than my resolution to give up wine for the month of January others are already happening. Rather than […]

The Value of Customer Experience in Retail

No one invests more in customer experience than retailers. They are at the front of the experience economy improving store layouts, creating unified commerce experiences, and investing in employee training to provide the emotionally satisfying experiences that create loyal, engaged customers. Investing in experience is a tricky thing though – individual retailers often spend money […]

Building a Roadmap for Omnichannel Customer Engagement

From primary research that we’ve done at Avanade we know that consumers and business buyers are basing their purchase loyalty on the level of service and experience they receive. Two thirds of consumers have stopped doing business with an organization because of a poor customer experience on the upside, 56% of consumers have paid more […]

Gamification – The “Community” Effect

One of the things that we take from gamers is their relentless drive for improvement. That improvement comes from repetition, from trying new techniques, using a fail-fast approach to get immediate feedback and rewards on performance. That drive for improvement is the core reason we think gamification techniques can be so powerful when applied to […]

The New Role of CRM in the Contact Center

The way we work is changing.  The ongoing evolution in the access to mobile solutions, new collaboration tools and the increase in reliance on cloud-based applications has radically changed where and how we work and even what we produce. New technologies are increasing our expectations of the availability of applications and the speed with which […]

Upping the Game in the Call Center

Since the beginning of the year we’ve been hearing more buzz about gamification in the service center. While the buzz hasn’t yet reached the level surrounding  “Social CRM,” it’s following some of the same patterns of confusion. Some in the industry claim that gamification will have agents delivering service through virtual worlds while others write about gamification in terms of […]

Gamification in the Service Center

For the past decade, the focus of CRM software vendors and implementers has been on increasing adoption for sales people and increasing efficiency for service workers. These are great goals but to a fault. Efficiency is critical in high volume contact centers but too much focus on efficiency can turn service center agents in automatons reading scripts, entering the […]